Age: 24
Hair Colour: Brunette
Bust Cup Size: B
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5`8
Size: 8

Antonia`s absolute desire is to please and satisfy you! With her Italian heritage passion comes naturally to this energetic youthful minx!

This brand new escort who has just arrived in Sydney has a gorgeous and unique appearance with a sweet fun loving personality and a radiant smile.  With Antonia`s easy going nature and keenness this eager young lady wont need much to entice you into the bedroom for an incredibly lustful and passionate experience.

Antonia says "You wont be able to keep your hands off me, which I`ll have no problem with at all" 😉

Enjoy gentleman!

If you want to know a little more about me see my list of favourites xx

  • My Favourites - Antonia x

  • Restaurant -      Cafe Sydney
  • Perfume -           Dior J`adore
  • Movie -               Anchorman
  • TV Series -         GOT
  • Colour -              Red
  • Music -               Rock n Roll
  • Fave Bar -          Baxter Inn
  • Fave Drink -      Whiskey Sour
  • Pizza -                 Meatlovers
  • Ice Cream -        Strawberry
  • Person -              Roger Federer & Beyonce
  • Sport -                 Tennis
  • Swimwear -        Im a bikini girl always
  • Dress -                Love Dressing Up 
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