Anal Sex Escort Services

The anal sex escort service is the great taboo, which makes it all the more intriguing! If you are seeking something a little bit naughty or kinky for your next booking with Sydney’s hottest escorts, anal sex could be just the ticket!

There is a common misconception that anal sex is for gay men only. In fact, recent research shows that a lot of heterosexual couples are enjoying anal sex on a regular basis, with up to 40 percent of women reporting that they frequently practice the dirty deed!

Medical science has proven that the anal area has many erotic nerve endings in both men and women, which explains why anal play can be so intensely pleasurable. What’s more, a woman’s back room is often tighter than the front, guaranteeing you heightened sensation all the way down your shaft for a deliciously orgasmic experience.

If you’ve always been curious about anal sex but never had a willing partner to play with, give us a call at Select! We have a number of hot blonde, brunette and redhead escorts who are ready and willing to welcome you in the back door, ensuring you have a truly enjoyable and memorable anal sex escort booking. If on the other hand you are already a connoisseur of this taboo sex act, our experienced and sexy high class escorts will not disappoint. They really are the best in the business!

Some tips to enjoy your Sydney anal sex experience:

Inform Us:

Please let us know in advance if you would like to include anal sex in your booking, so that your hot Sydney escort can make the necessary preparations.

Lube Up:

The rectum does not become moist with arousal like the vagina does, so lubricant is essential for the enjoyment and comfort of yourself and your companion.

Take Your Time:

Anal requires just as much, if not more foreplay than regular intercourse! To avoid discomfort and maximize your pleasure and hers, please don’t rush. Anal sex is the cherry on top so make sure you take time to eat the cake first!

Let Her Guide You:

Your Sydney escort anal sex booking will be more relaxed and enjoyable if you allow her to control the pace, rhythm and position. Remember, if she is comfortable and aroused, your pleasure will be magnified… so it does pay off!

Switching It Up:

If you switch from vaginal to anal sex and back again, it is essential that you thoroughly wash up and change condoms in between.

For anal sex with an escort incalls or outcalls in Sydney, we ask that you give us some advance notice so we can select the perfect model escort for you. The lady will usually need to discuss with you in person, as size really does make a difference in this case – too big is a definite no-no. Due to the specialised nature of this service, higher fees will apply for anal sex escort bookings in Sydney. Read our sex blog here to have some “anal sex” questions answered then give our receptionists a call today to find out more details and turn your anal fantasies a reality!
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