Pornstar Experience (PSE) Escort Service

Known in the industry as PSE, the Pornstar Experience Escorts allows you to live out all your dirtiest fantasies with a smoking hot Sydney Escort. Whereas the Girlfriend Experience escort (GFE) is very romantic and intimate, PSE escort service is all about naughty, hardcore fun. It is one of the most popular requests that we receive at Select Sydney Escorts, and our ladies are only too happy to deliver!

Pornography is everywhere these days. Not too long ago, the only way to view porn was to pick up a Penthouse magazine. How times have changed! Over 10 percent of all websites, 25 percent of all search engine requests and a staggering 35 percent of all downloads are pornographic. Every second of the day, almost $5000 is spent on Internet porn. Whether it’s pictures, videos, erotic novels or online sex chats, web users have instant access to a huge volume and variety of pornography.

Because men (and women) are now so familiar with pornography, it’s only natural that we should desire this type of experience for ourselves. The easiest way to describe PSE is to imagine a raunchy porn movie that you wished you were the lead role in. With the help of one of our gorgeous high class pornstar escort Sydney, you can quench your curiosity and enjoy very hard, fast, loud, dirty pornstar sex!

PSE involves a variety of sex positions, favouring the more active, rough and adventurous. Your PSE Sydney escort booking might also involve toys, spanking and anal play; while dirty talk and loud moans set the soundtrack.

This takes a confident man and a confident woman to make it work. If you want a true PSE you can’t just lay back and relax – it’s up to you as well! Like a true pornstar escort Sydney, you will need strength and stamina to get the most out of the experience. But don’t worry – modest men can enjoy the pornstar experience escorts as well, and in fact it can be a great way to explore your deepest, hidden fantasies and build confidence in the bedroom.

The PSE escorts absolutely love this type of sex and there is no faking! The groans are real the orgasms are real. If you can handle the pace of PSE then we have a few special girls that can go there with you.

One of the common misconceptions with PSE Sydney escort bookings is that there is no need for small talk. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With more extreme bookings like PSE, the trust element is more important than ever; it’s crucial that you take time to get to know your chosen lady and make her feel comfortable before embarking on this adventure together. So please don’t expect to reach the heights of PSE pleasure with a short booking. You may also find that the pleasure deepens over multiple bookings with the same Sydney escort, as you develop mutual trust and understanding.

Finally please be aware that even with a hardcore PSE escort service booking, our high class pornstar escort Sydney offer safe sex only.
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