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Our Olympic Park escorts strive to impress! Since 2009 Sydney Olympic Park has become an official suburb of Sydney. Situated 16km west of the Sydney CBD, it was previously an industrial area ruined by toxic waste. The city had located the eight colossal rubbish dumps there at various times since the early 1900s.

Olympic Park Background

After Sydney won the bid to host the 2000 Olympics, the transformation of this area began. The Olympic preparations included building stadiums, hotels, sports arenas, and parks. It remains the most successful Olympic Games ever. Once the games were over, however, another transformation started. The area gradually evolved and developed into the vast sporting, cultural, and leisure complex today. Every year, Sydney Olympic Park hosts more than 5000 events. Rock concerts, music festivals, the annual Big Day Out Festival, the Supanova Pop Expo. Live music nights and movie nights during the January Sydney Festival. During winter months, Rugby Union games, NRL games, AFL games, and Australian Rugby League competition games. The Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Australian Gift, Homeware show, and many other trade shows, business conferences, and events.

Olympic Park Nightlife

It is a busy, thriving suburb that lists under 100 permanent residents in its’ statistical records. Still, on any given day of the year, there are 1000’s of people working, visiting, or participating in one event or another from the area’s busy schedule. Then, when night falls, there are still 1000’s of people present. They may be part of an evening conference or attending a world-class rock concert. Maybe after a busy day at one of the events, they are now having dinner at one of the suburb’s busy hotels, where they are staying for the rest of the week.


High-Class Escort Service

There is a significant demand for beautiful high-quality escorts in Olympic Park with so much going on. Our mission is to provide you with a choice of gorgeous Olympic Park escorts every night!  Our team is available by phone or email. We listen to your needs to find the perfect lady for your booking. You may want a quiet romantic drink followed by a genuine girlfriend rendezvous in your hotel room. After seeing your favourite music group at Allphones Arena, you may feel it would be a fantastic idea if two young Olympic Park escorts came to visit for your very own ‘rock star’ threesome experience. Let the ladies in the office know what you have on your mind, and they will make sure that your booking is the most memorable event of your time in Sydney.

We like to ensure that we offer something for everyone when it comes to our amazing Olympic Park escorts! They all have an air of confidence and vitality with a fun-loving attitude towards life. These women aren’t just gorgeous and well-groomed. They’re eager to please. 

Assuring you that we will see you again next time is our promise! Olympic Park Sydney escorts always aim for excellence. We love what we do and strive to impress! Please find out more about us by phoning 02 9955 3345 or 0497 69 60


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