High Class Escort Work

For escort work employment at Sydney Select Escorts features a carefully chosen selection of escorts. Your earning potential at Select is determined by the time you invest on your own look and how you treat the clients. Earning upwards of 5k to 15k every week is easily achievable. We realise that our exacting recruitment process and diversity is what stimulates and impresses our clients. We listen to our clients requests and are proud of the unique process we have developed for selecting the right girl for the right client. Similarly, in your case, the right client for you!  So the escort jobs you are given are a pleasure!

Our Guarantee with your Escort Jobs

  • Earn anywhere between 5k and 15K per week.
  • We offer a safe environment where we screen all of our clients everytime!
  • You can work from our office or from your home.
  • We will never use tactics to “hold” your money longer than necessary!
  • Choosing your own hours and being financially independent makes doing escort work in Sydney all the more appealing especially as summer fun is approaching.
  • Choose your own services.  You will never be asked or required to perform ANY services you are not comfortable with.
  • If you are new to escorting we take the time to explain the process and offer honest advice!
  • Finally, for the best escort work in Sydney look no further than our long established genuinely female owned and operated agency!

Rewarding Outcall Work

Escorting is fascinating, fun and will give you the financial freedom to achieve any and every goal that you can imagine. So, for escort work in Sydney you have come to the right place! Don’t have the qualities required of a high class escort?  Maybe you’re afraid to make that initial call or application?  We can assure you that our selection process is relaxed and non-intimidating. Our female managers are very friendly and helpful and will put you at ease during the interview where we patiently answer all of your questions and concerns. If you have worked as an escort before they will explain how we operate and the procedures in place that set us apart from most others in the business.

Honesty & Integrity

The girls that suit our team, more often than not, arrive at our office for their interview and always comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere and surroundings. We are professional while still being easy-going. In the running of our business we operate with commitment and integrity, in return we expect these same qualities in your attitude towards your work as an escort. Punctuality, positive attitude, healthy living and excellent grooming are all attributes that are expected from a high class escort.


Send a couple of photos of yourself, through our application form below, showing your face and body full length. The photos enable us to make some calls on your potential within this industry. This means we can work out at this point if we are the right agency to represent you. We will call or email back within 8hrs to arrange an interview.

Your Own Escort Enterprise

We respect the escort girls that work with us and understand that every girl is operating her own little enterprise under our umbrella. It is important to keep in mind that your effort and attitude are the key ingredients required for you to acheive high rewards as a Sydney escort. You are the commodity and you are your business. As your agency we can guide you further and with our experience and knowledge of the industry.

We are Here to Help

We can assist you in exceeding all your expectations of work as a high earning escort. Clearly your look has to be immaculate, modern and clean, with a fit healthy body.  An open mind and obviously no aversions or hostility towards men!


Earn Thousands in One Week

To work as an escort in Sydney and become an excellent escort at that,  you need to invest in yourself. Just as we heavily invest in our business to bring you the right clients through advertising over all mediums. We also need you to make on going and regular investment in your business (yourself!) by keeping your appearance and grooming at a level of excellence at all times.

Security working as a High Class Companion

We have receptionists that are in the office, taking care of you at all times, screening the clients, informing and advising you of anything you need to know and getting you to your client on time. Our security drivers take you to and from your client ensuring you are safe. Also, when we use an Uber WE order the Uber and track the car all they way!  We take the duty of looking after you seriously and are always there for you!

Escort Jobs Payment

You will be paid immediately, we never make up excuses to hold your money!  Some agencies will make you wait for credit cards to clear or say that they are letting your financial gain build up. We do not hold your money, as a result you will receive what you have earnt on the night or the subseqent day. All other details will be discussed at our initial meeting.  Looking forward to meeting you very soon!

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