69 or Mutual Oral Sex Escort

We are all familiar with this very erotic and intimate position, which involves both partners giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously, making a ‘69’ shape with their bodies. Otherwise known by the French soixante-neuf, mutual oral is a fantastic way to mix things up in the bedroom and try something different from regular intercourse. If 69 or mutual oral sex is one of your favourite pastimes, then this is an excellent service to try with your beautiful Sydney escort companion.

What Not To Love

It’s fair to say that most men love receiving oral sex. What’s not to like about having a beautiful, scantily clad woman kissing, licking and sucking your most sensitive erogenous zones? Our gorgeous Sydney escorts are absolute experts in the art of the blowjob and know exactly which buttons to push to give you intense pleasure! Your chosen companion will use her tongue, lips, hands and fingers to maximum effect while making little moans of appreciation that resonate deeply along your shaft to take your orgasm to new heights.

Cunnilingus Oral Sex

What’s interesting here at Select Sydney Escorts is that many of our clients are telling us they want to give oral sex and receive it. Cunnilingus has been around for aeons and is depicted (along with 69) in many historical artworks from Japan, China, and the West; however, it was seen as dirty, deviant or just unnecessary to do so the reproductive act. If only people knew what they were missing out on! Thankfully cunnilingus has become much more widely accepted in recent times, perhaps due to feminism or the rise of ‘raunch culture’ – whatever the cause, we’re not complaining!

Most women enjoy oral sex because it stimulates the clitoris more than intercourse, ensuring incredible orgasms for her. Cunnilingus can also be a massive turn-on for the giver, as you see her getting more and more turned on by your tongue and fingers until she is writhing in ecstasy and ready for you to penetrate her!

Tease & Please 69

Imagine for a moment combining a fantastic blowjob with the hot sensation of going down on a gorgeous woman… this is the beauty of mutual oral or 69! You and your Sydney escort will orally tease and please each other in any position you prefer, whether it’s the man on top, the woman on top, or side by side. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to time a simultaneous orgasm! This is the ultimate in 69 fun, which is more likely to happen after a few bookings with the same girl to give you time to get to know each other more intimately.

We have several sexy Sydney escorts who love 69 and are very, very good at it, so let us know in advance, and we will send a gorgeous clean-shaven girl to make it all the more enjoyable for you! For a heightened sexual experience, you could try shaving it all off yourself before the booking.

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