Never heard of the Spanish & Pearl Necklace?  Read on to find out the differences between the Spanish Necklace and Pearl necklace.


This is a very popular service for all the breast men out there! You are sure to enjoy the incredibly hot sensation of thrusting between your Sydney escort’s delicious full breasts, while she moans with pleasure! She is nice and close to fondle your balls, if you desire. This is a great alternative to regular intercourse, allowing you to spice things up in the bedroom without incurring any extra fee.

For the best results, Spanish should be done with a large-breasted escort who can completely encase your hard c*ck between her breasts. Let us know in advance and we will send one of our bustiest babes! We have a number of smoking hot, curvaceous Sydney escorts for you to choose from who would make the ideal partner for Spanish. Whether you prefer soft, naturally full breasts, or a perfectly round and perky pair, our receptionists will deliver the perfect escort for you.

For those looking for a natural service, Spanish is a great option as it allows you to enjoy all the pleasure of steamy Sydney escort sex without needing protection. Best of all, it feels simply amazing!

Nobody is really sure where the term Spanish stems from? The general consensus is that Spanish men like their ladies big-breasted. Who can blame them! The scientific name is ‘mammary intercourse.  Elsewhere in the world, other names for this service include Cuban, Russian or Turkish, the very descriptive ‘hot dog’, and the crude ‘tit f*ck’. We prefer to keep things classy and stick to Spanish. Whatever you choose to call it, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Pearl Necklace

This glorious service is the culmination of Spanish and is sure to leave you deeply satisfied in every way. Coming on those delicious full breasts and around your companion’s décolletage creates the look of a “pearl necklace” at a fraction of the cost of the real thing!

Imagine yourself in a five star bedroom with one of our sexiest high class Sydney escorts. Using lashings of lube, you can slide in and out between her big lush breasts and fondle her erect nipples. In this position you are nice and close for her to use her hands and fingers in all sorts of places that will give you the most mind-blowing orgasm. She can gently play with your balls and stroke your sensitive perineum – and other areas if you wish 😉 – until you climax in a blaze of glory all over her incredible full, round breasts.

The pearl necklace is an extremely popular service, perhaps thanks to its prevalence in porn movies. It really is the ultimate ‘money shot’! Now you can experience the sensation for yourself, with a gorgeous and very obliging companion. The pearl necklace is included in any booking at no extra cost, however if you are keen on this service we do recommend you let us know in advance. Read our sex blog here for more up to date tips and tricks 😉
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