Adult Sex Toys

Adult sex toys will take the boredom out of the bedroom. If you want to spice things up with your next Sydney escort booking, sex toys could be just what you need. We offer a wide variety of sex toys for you to enjoy with your gorgeous companion for no additional cost.

There is a vast range of adult sex toys available on the market these days. From classic dildos and cock rings to the wildest modern inventions and toys with more of an S&M flavour, there truly is something to satisfy every appetite.

Sex toys are a fantastic way to heighten erotic pleasure and help you enjoy supercharged orgasms with your Sydney escort. The main thing to remember is not to feel intimated by the diversity of gadgets available. They are just toys, after all – designed for you to play and have fun using! These are just some of the sex toys our gorgeous Sydney escorts can provide:

Dildos and Vibrators

As the original adult sex toy, the dildo has existed in one form or another throughout human history, right back to the Ice Age. These days, dildos are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours, from sleek silver bullets to incredibly lifelike phalluses; you can get an extra buzz with a vibrator that stimulates the G spot clitoris or both. Dildo play is an excellent introduction to the world of sex toys, whether you prefer to watch your Sydney escort pleasure herself or join in on the action! Vibrating balls and eggs can also be much fun for both of you.

Cock Rings and Sleeves

Adult sex toys such as the cock ring placed around the base of the penis will help to keep you harder for longer. With this, you can make the most of your Sydney escort booking! We have a wide selection of sex toy cock rings from the plain and straightforward to those with fun extras attached. These include ball ticklers to tease you or clitoral stimulators to drive her wild. A cock sleeve is another fantastic tool to prolong orgasm, as it desensitises the penis and gives you immense staying power.

Sex Toys for Anal Stimulation

From simple anal beads to vibrating balls and butt plugs, anal play can be a whole lot of fun! We offer a range of Adult sex toys for him and her to add that extra dimension to your next Sydney escort booking. The intensity of male orgasm skyrockets when the prostate gland gets stimulated, ensuring maximum pleasure for you. Alternatively, you might enjoy playing with your gorgeous companion by teasing her with anal toys before or during sex.

Nipple Stimulation Sex Aids

Nipple stimulation is another excellent way to heighten sensation. Our high-class Sydney escorts offer a range of  Adult sex toy nipple clamps and suckers to add an extra wow factor to your next booking!

Feather Tickler

For those who have never used adult sex toys and are not sure where to start, the feather tickler is a great foreplay option. Your companion will tease and tempt you with this light, playful touch until you are gagging for more!
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