Two girls making out is a fantasy most men – well, let’s face it, ALL men dream of seeing! What could be more enticing than two beautiful women playing and pleasuring each other before turning their attention onto you? We have a number of the best escorts in Sydney who love girl-on-girl action and are ready and waiting to welcome you to the party. These escorts genuinely enjoy getting jiggy with both genders and have plenty of experience pleasuring other women.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Imagine for a moment opening the door to your luxurious 5-star hotel room complete with mood lighting and plush bedding only to find two beautiful women standing in the hallway. Perhaps a sunny blonde and a sultry brunette. These women look stunning in figure-hugging dresses and high heels, with long tousled hair and understated makeup. You welcome them inside and perhaps share a drink while the two escorts laugh, flirt, and lightly touch each other and you.

Next, the blonde slowly and passionately kisses the brunette before turning to you for a kiss. You are then led to the bed while the blonde and brunette remain standing, kissing each other. Imagine lying back and watching as these two very feminine females slowly remove each other’s clothes, kissing and stroking all the way, to reveal stunning toned curves clad in fine lingerie. The brunette touches the blonde’s perfect breasts, licking and teasing her nipples, and slowly works her way further south.


Beautiful Bi-Sexual Sydney Escorts

However, you need not worry – you will not miss out on the action! As things start to sizzle between your two beautiful bi-sexual Sydney escorts, they will turn their focus 100 percent onto you. Trust us; you won’t know what to do with yourself. Just enjoy the ride while two gorgeous women focus on pleasuring every inch of your body to give you the ultimate orgasm!

The number of sex positions you can enjoy with a girl on girl booking is limited only by your imagination. You could lie back and relish a fantastic blowjob from the brunette while the blonde straddles your face. Perhaps you take the blonde doggy style while she gives oral pleasure to the brunette in the 69 positions! Another significant variation is for the brunette to straddle your face in the reverse position while the blonde rides you, cowgirl. This way, the two girls are free to kiss, touch and play with each other’s breasts! The possibilities are endless, and hours of fun are guaranteed.

Genuinly Bi-Sexual Escorts

We have several escorts in Sydney who genuinely enjoy pleasuring both men and women, so expect the “real” thing… No faking here!

Because girl on girl requires two escorts rather than one and is a specialized service for the ladies involved, naturally, it incurs some extra fees. If you are interested in getting into some hot and heavy girl-on-girl action, give our receptionists a call today, and they will help make your dreams come true!
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