Erotic Talk

Our high class Sydney escorts are big believers in talking dirty! Do you know the art of hot dirty erotic talk.  Read more about our erotic services in Sydney.  It’s fun, naughty, and adds that extra layer of spice to ensure that you and your companion enjoy truly amazing orgasms.


Speaking erotically gives you the opportunity to push back the boundaries and express all of your wickedest thoughts and desires out loud, to a captive and very obliging audience! If you are by nature quite a shy or reserved person, dirty talk is a fantastic way to let loose in the bedroom and express your dirty side. If on the other hand you are a more confident, dominant type of man, well what could be more empowering than telling your naughty little lady exactly what you want her to do to you?

Erotic talk is an included service for all bookings at Select Sydney Escorts, with no extra fee required. However in order to make the most of this fun and fiery sex play, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

What is Erotic Talk?

Erotic talk (also known as dirty talk, naughty talk etc) is the use of sexual comments and phrasing to stimulate your own and your partner’s imagination, and heighten erotic services Sydney pleasure before and during sex. Our Sydney escorts are all proficient in the art of erotic talk: if you choose to include this service in your booking, your lady will use erotic talk to stimulate all your five senses and drive you wild with desire. Of course, you can also talk dirty to her! Verbally expressing your wants and needs is one of the hottest things you can do in the bedroom: it can make you feel empowered and connected with your sexy Sydney escort, ensuring a fun, fulfilling and unforgettable night.

Types of Erotic Services Sydney

Soft core erotic talk is a great place to start. This involves the use of sweet nothings and sensual phrasing, rather than XXX-rated expletives. Hard core erotic talk, on the other hand, makes you feel like you’re starring in your own porn film. This is explicit, no-holds-barred language that can be incredibly hot when done right… and trust us, your sexy Sydney escort knows how to do it right!

Hot Tip: If you want to talk dirty with your companion but are unsure of what to say, try describing out loud what is happening during sex, how much you are enjoying it, your appreciation for her amazing body, her skills with her tongue, etc. You will be talking dirty like a pro in no time!

Erotic Talk Boundaries

While speaking dirty and naughty does let you push back the boundaries, it is important to maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Before you start, let your Sydney escort know any words or types of talk that you don’t like; and likewise, please be respectful of her boundaries. While describing her as a dirty little harlot is all part of the fun, there is a time and a place for erotic talk so please be mindful of this.
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