Everything You Need to Know About Working as an Escort

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

high class escort workingLike any profession, working as an escort comes with its share of perks and challenges. Whether you’re thinking of joining the industry yourself or are simply curious about how it works, these are the most important things every escort should keep in mind.

Learn the Legalities

Escorting has been decriminalised in many parts of Australia, but different laws apply to each state, and figuring out what’s actually allowed can be confusing. In some states and territories, receiving money for sex is only legal in certain places, such as a brothel or private residence. If you plan on becoming an escort anytime soon, be sure to investigate what laws apply to where you live. Working for a reputable escort agency is usually the best way to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to escorting.

Apply for an ABN

Rather than trying to sell sex under the radar, many escorts now apply for ABNs, allowing them to work in a more official capacity. Not only does this make it easier to avoid attracting the attention of police, having an ABN also gives escorts the opportunity to bank their earnings securely. Instead of hiding wads of cash around the house, a formal payment system can take the hassle out of keeping track of their money.
The most in-demand high-class escorts (such as the ladies at Select Sydney Escorts) can rake in some pretty impressive earnings, so it’s essential that they manage their wages effectively. Working legally with an ABN also means they can take advantage of the benefits that employees in other industries take for granted, such as work cover.

Beware the Stigma

Despite being one of the world’s oldest professions, people just can’t seem to get over the stigma associated with sex work. When working as an escort, you may need to be careful with who you choose to tell about your job. If you’re confident that your friends and family will be OK with it, then go ahead and be honest with them. However, if discretion is a priority, many agencies place a huge amount of importance on anonymity, allowing their escorts to keep their profession a secret.

Odd Hours

An escort’s schedule will typically differ from that of a 9 to 5 job. While many of escorts have the freedom to decide when they want to work, it’s not uncommon for clients to request their services either at night time or on weekends, making odd hours an unavoidable aspect of this industry. If you don’t think you could handle the unpredictable schedule of a full-time escorting job, there’s always the option of working on a part-time or casual basis. Some escorts just work weekends, giving them the opportunity to maintain a ‘normal’ job during the week while making a little money on the side.
No matter how much experience you have with sex work, these tips will help you to become a savvy and successful escort.
If you’re more interested in using the services of an escort than working as one, contact us today and we can arrange for one of our ladies to pay you a visit.

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