Age: 22
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Bust Cup Size: B
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5`7
Size: 8-10
Book me: 0497 69 60 69

Annabel is new to the industry and sizzling hot! A young Aussie girl with dark lustrous hair framing a gorgeous face, her big doe like eyes, long lashed and flirtatious. Annabel knows she has a presence and confidence beyond her years and a warm genuine nature that can mix and move with the best and the worst that life throws at her.  From the moment she wakes her day races forward at a pace that would leave most of us breathless …she runs before breakfast and trains each day at the gym, keeping her young supple body athletic and firm.  Both men and women are drawn towards her fun loving personality and blatant sex appeal, her soft husky voice irresistible while her beautiful fingers and hands softly caress and lead the way.
Annabel is genuinely bi-sexual and an exciting choice for any couple wanting to experience a threesome like never before!!!
Passionate and uninhibited, Annabel is a stunning new escort that will take you on an erotic adventure, a ride like no other… hold on tight… we know you will !!!!

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