4 Foreplay Tips You’ll Love As Much As She Does

Posted on Feb 4, 2015

man placing hand down horny womans underwearGreat sex is arguably the absolute best thing in the world. And with all its teasing and tension, and the building of sexual desire and longing, we think that foreplay comes in at a close second. There are so many reasons to explore foreplay – it strengthens connections, gets your partner in the mood, and simply leads to better sex. Let’s not forget that sometimes, giving pleasure is just as enjoyable as receiving it! When you’re next with one of the beautiful escorts at Select Sydney Escorts, these four tips will make your evening of passion even more enjoyable – for you and her!

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Undress Her

Don’t be in such a hurry to get naked. There’s a lot of enjoyment in undressing, so take your time with it. To really turn your escort on, take the time to focus completely on her and undress her yourself. You’ve got to do it slowly and deliberately to make it sexy. Work through her outfit, item by item. Don’t rush it – take the time to admire what you’ve uncovered. Give her light kisses and gently massage her flesh. The extra attention will fill her with desire.

Massage Her Body

It’s a simple one, but it often gets overlooked. Nearly every girl we’ve ever met loves to be massaged by her man. So get out the essential oils and start gliding your hands all over her supple skin. Again, it’s important not to rush. You’ll ruin the experience for her if you half heartedly run your hands over her back for thirty seconds then turn your attention to her butt and between her thighs. Take your time to relax her completely and enjoy the feel of her skin. Light a few candles too – she’ll love the sensual lighting and you’ll love the extended opportunity to check out what she’s got on offer.

Talk To Her

Many guys get turned on by what they see. Some women, on the other hand, get in the mood when the setting and connection is just right. Build the emotional connection in the lead up to sex by talking to your escort. Tell her what you find attractive about her. Tell her when she’s doing something that drives you wild. Flatter her by showing her that you’re really into her, not just into sex. You can start building the connection long before you even see her – a text early in evening letting her know how much you’re looking forward to your date can really start her engine purring.

Kiss Her

So many hot sexual encounters start with passionate kissing. Kissing can fall to the wayside as things heats up though. Keep the lip service going throughout foreplay and sex. Kiss her cheeks, her neck and her chest. Mix your kisses up too – light kisses that tickle can be as much of a turn on as the deep, passionate ones (especially if applied to some of her super erogenous zones!).

These are just a few simple tips that can turn any foreplay first timer into a mood-mastering maestro. Try them out on your next date and see how much brighter the sexual flame burns.

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