5 Best Seduction Moves of High-Class Escorts in Sydney

Posted on Sep 20, 2019

What is hotter than having the power to seduce a man or woman? Whether they are your partner, lover, or even your escort, seduction is real and makes everyone feel alive. 

There are many ways to seduce someone, but it’s about doing it the right way. No dodgy techniques, just pure elegance, and grace. 

There’s a high chance that you will be romanced and seduced by our high-class escorts in Sydney. Enjoy learning our 5 most exciting and sensual advances…

Provocative Clothing

A seductive woman knows the type of clothing that flatters her figure. Are you attracted to erotic lingerie? Do you enjoy dressing up in the bedroom? You may be able to enjoy romance more with a woman in a fetish bodysuit? If you love office models, your escort will come dressed in a hot skirt or dress and top showing cleavage.

High-class escorts from Sydney always leave something to your imagination. To seduce you, they understand that their best assets play a huge role. They want to give the impression that they are ready for you; not just playful. For a toe-curling orgasm, provocative dressing plays a huge role in keeping you excited about your escort.

Porn Star Experience

PSE is hardcore and high-energy session with a naughty girl. It recreates the kinky scenes close to those of pornographic movies. Some high-class escorts in Sydney even let men record them and take the videos home for reminiscence.

A porn star experience is not about romanticism or sensual sex of the girlfriend experience. The activities may differ depending on the negotiations you make with the escort. You can ask for adventurous positions, sex with toys, blow job, spanking, hair pulling and dirty talks. Whether you like loud moans, extreme gags or something even kinkier, PSE will match your expectations.

PSE is about living out your craziest sexual fantasies that are hard to meet in a committed relationship. Because it entails extreme acts, it is important that your escort trusts you. You can always hire the same girl every time you want.

Sensual Readiness

Ever wondered how escorts remain so eager to please throughout the sessions? While they are certainly excitable, they also take things to a higher notch by applying a variety of sexual enhancements. Before the appointment, the escort prepares herself so you can find her ready for the action.

Under normal circumstances, getting a woman aroused takes some effort. If you have a high sex drive, you need someone who is ready all the time. Sometimes, the escort may bypass this step depending on how much you excite her.

Fear-Inducing Tactics

Something to scare you a little bit comes in handy during a sensual play. For your information, fear and arousal have a close connection. A fear-inducing scenario can get you more aroused. Examples include parasailing and standing on a suspension bridge.

Inducing fear doesn’t mean getting you into a panic attack. Rather, it inspires some fear like that of watching a horror movie.

If you want, your lady may incorporate some BDSM early on. As she unleashes her inner sex goddess, let her dominate and torture you a little. Get your hands tied, take a blindfold and see what happens.

Diverse Moves

When it comes to intimacy, you step beyond the conventional boundaries if you hire high-class escorts. Diversity is the interest in sex life. You want a form of sexual excitement that adds a new level of pleasure.

You may be used to a woman who simply follows the motions. But the experience with an elite escort is completely different. An escort listens to your desires and is prepared to do most of the work. That way, you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Then there’s the cowgirl position or the woman on top. It is one of the most requested positions by our clientele. It allows you to get closer to the girl so you can take charge of your own pleasure. You also decide on the pace and how deep she enters. Simply lie back and enjoy yourself.

The side by side is another move that doesn’t need special maneuvers. Your female partner lies down facing you straight. She intertwines her legs to your body so that you can enter her sweetly. It is one of the best moves for both physical and emotional intimacy that are needed for a powerful orgasm.

A sex session would not be complete without the doggy style. Simply ask the escort to position her hands and knees on a flat surface. With her legs apart, go behind her, and caress her back. The doggy style is considered wild and kinky because of how much fun you can both have.

Revamp Your Sex Escapades With Top Seduction Moves

It takes special skills of an elite escort to please a man in bed. High-class escorts in Sydney have learned over time particular desires in men. And so they’re more confident when moving their bodies. The most exciting part of seeing an escort is the whole setting.

There are no social pressures, expectations, and obligations. You will feel more at ease knowing that you are in the arms of a skilled and confident partner.

Who doesn’t like an open-minded and attractive lady who is willing to explore most things in bed? Or simply the fact that she is hot could be fulfilling enough. Do you want to experience the 5 seductive techniques applied to you? Get in touch with the best escort agency in Sydney. We have a troop of angelic Australian models to welcome you. Make one of our VIP female escorts your partner tonight.

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