5 Playthings Everyone Should Have in the Bedroom

Posted on Jan 4, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your bedroom says about you? You might be proud of your duvet with its matching cushions. Or maybe you’ve invested in some subtly stylish décor. But do you know what can make a bedroom even better? Sex accessories! We’re not saying your bedroom should look like an adult shop, but there are some sex essentials that no adult should go without.
These are 5 playthings that we think belong in every bedroom.


No matter what kind of sex you’re into, lube is vital. This should go without saying. Not only can it make sex more comfortable; trying out new positions is much easier with a little extra glide factor. Stashing it in your bedside table is usually a good idea, because it saves you needing to make the trek over to your sock draw in the heat of the moment.
For an added touch of sensuality, we recommend finding a nice smelling lube. There are dozens of varieties to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an aroma that gets you in the mood.

A Vibrator

This type of toy can work wonders for spicing up your sex life. They’re not just for ladies either – plenty of men keep a vibrator handy to use on their female partners – or themselves – these days. Not sure what kind of vibrator to stash in your bedroom? With such a diverse range of models to choose from, there’s a vibrator to suit every occasion. These are 3 of our favourites:
• Bullet – Super compact and easy to hide, these vibrators are quite literally shaped like a bullet. They’re perfect for clitoral stimulation.
• Twice as nice – Giving users the best of both worlds, Twice as Nice vibrators feature 2 sections. There’s a main shaft, and adjacent to that, a smaller shape for external stimulation.
• G-Spot – Curved at the tip, G-Spot vibrators are designed to touch the front wall of the vagina, leading to all kinds of pleasurable sensations.


Everyone should keep a supply of condoms in their bedroom. It’s almost impossible to predict how your sex life will pan out, so you never know when you might need one. Instead of dashing out to the chemist every time you get lucky, having some condoms on hand is much more convenient. And if someone were to find them and question why you have them? Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared – it simply proves you’re sex savvy!

Something Kinky

Whether it’s a pair of handcuffs or something a little more risqué, it can be fun to keep something kinky hidden in your bedroom for special occasions. Knowing how to use these toys safely is important of course, so if your plaything includes an instruction manual, always be sure to read it carefully.
Also be careful with who you choose to use it with. Not everyone has the same tolerance when it comes to kinkiness. Before you bring out anything not strictly mainstream, check that the person you’re with is comfortable. And don’t forget – communication is sexy!

Sexy Underweartall slender brunette in stockings

Imagine bringing someone back to your bedroom for sex only to realise that you’re wearing your least sexy pair of underwear. To avoid getting caught out in saggy old undies, always have a racy pair ready to go.
For the guys, this can mean anything from a stylish pair of tighty wighties to some nice boxer shorts. Ladies have a little more options when it comes to lingerie. Stockings and suspenders are a great option, but anything skimpy will do.
Now that you know what kind of playthings to keep stashed in your bedroom, why not invite someone over for a little fun? Many of our lovely ladies will be more than happy to try out your new playthings. Contact us today for more information or to make a booking.

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