7 Hot Male Grooming Tips

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

Our high class Sydney escorts always keep themselves in amazing shape in preparation for adult services, and this includes personal grooming. We’re talking the hairdressing, waxing, manicures, spray tans and more. You can rest assured that your next outcall service will be with one of the hottest escorts in Sydney!

But grooming isn’t just for the ladies. Gents may focus more attention on buying the perfect suit, but if you’re not taking care of basic grooming, no amount of expensive tailoring can save you! These are our 7 top tips for male grooming:

1. Tame the ’Tache (or Beard or Stubble)

Facial hair is probably the biggest aspect of male grooming that requires daily attention. If you’ve got a beard or mustache or even designer stubble, it needs to be trimmed every day to avoid getting straggly and wild. Simple!

2. Let Your Eyes do the Talking

A lot of guys don’t realize the importance of keeping eyebrows well groomed (and separate… you should have two of them). If you let these suckers roam wild they will overpower the rest of your face, especially your eyes. Wax on, wax off gents!

3. And Your Orifices Shall Be Hairfree

Traditionally the domain of old men, nose and ear hair can strike at any age… so beware! The minute you see a straggler poking out of your nose or ear, trim it back so the ends are not visible. This one tip will make you infinitely hotter to women.

4. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

The male armpit can be a pungent place, so why not indulge in a long hot shower to relax and freshen up before your next Sydney outcall service? Please also ensure you thoroughly soap up the genital area. The more delicious and inviting you make it, the more your female escort will enjoy kissing you down there… it’s a win win situation!

5. A Little Light Manscaping

So what about pubic hair? While it’s not necessary to be fully waxed or shaved, a simple trim with electric clippers can tame a wild jungle into a neat lawn, again making it a more appealing place for your hot blonde escort to put her mouth! As an added bonus it also makes your penis look bigger!

6. Put Your Best Chest Forward

Ask five women if they like a hairy chest, and you’ll get five different responses. While some ladies love a manly man with plenty of body hair, others prefer the manicured, clean-shaven look. If you want to remove excessive body hair you have a few options including shaving, waxing, trimming, laser hair removal or electrolysis.

7. Invest in a Good Barberbrunette in suspenders and stockings

Your hairstyle makes a massive difference to your appearance. Every guy needs to find a hairstyle that suits him, and then get it cut every few weeks to maintain the look. While you’re there, get your barber to trim any hair falling over your ears or growing down the back of your neck. Stay fresh and well-groomed to ensure you get the best sex in Sydney on your next date or outcall service.

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