A Cheeky Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Posted on Dec 21, 2014

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If not, don’t panic because the team at Select Sydney Escorts has put together the ultimate gift guide for that special lady in your life! Whether you are trying to find a present for your wife, mistress or one of your favourite female escorts in Sydney, we know exactly what to buy to put a smile on her dial.

Buying Christmas Gifts for Your Wife Vs. Mistress

Recent studies show that there is a big difference between the gifts that men choose for their wives as opposed to their mistress (or their favourite hot Sydney escorts for that matter!). 90 percent of men admit to buying something purely decorative, such as jewellery or lingerie, for their mistress. Meanwhile, only 40 percent of men would purchase something like this for their wife; marital gifts are more likely to be practical household items.

Whatever the statistics, there is no denying that most women will welcome a beautiful decorative gift (or the latest 5 star vibrator) more happily than if they unwrap a new ironing board on Christmas Day. And remember, if your wife or hot blonde escort is happy, she is much more likely to give you a special oral ‘gift’ of your own! So it really is worth putting a little bit of thought into your next Christmas shopping expedition.

Here’s our foolproof guide to adult entertainment gifts in Sydney:

The Crown Jewels

Jewellery is a guaranteed crowd pleaser no matter if you are buying for your wife, mistress or high-class escort. Gold, silver, diamonds and pearls, there is a huge variety to choose from. For a different twist, why not give her a stunning set of beads… anal beads, that is! These little gems will not only look great displayed on her beautiful derriere, they will also give her an intense orgasm every time. What more could a girl want for Christmas?

Feather Duster

While cleaning implements such as a new vacuum or duster might be a more typical wife present, why not spice it up with a naughty feather duster instead? Strictly for bedroom play, this baby can be used to tickle, tease and thoroughly clean your dirty little lady friend to ensure she stays spick and span throughout 2015!

Lingerie Lovers

Giving her some beautiful lacy lingerie will guarantee you enjoy plenty of sex in Sydney. If you’re the more kinky type, why not experiment and decorate her nipples with some pasties or nipple clamps instead?

emily in black underwear with nipple covers Power Tools

One of the most practical gifts for women is the power tool. The problem is that there are so many different types to choose from! Depending on which tool you buy, your sexy Sydney escort can drill holes in the wall, sand her favourite table, or moan with ecstasy while you pleasure her with a brand new vibrator that hits just the right spot. I know which option I would choose if I were you!

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