A Girl’s Guide to Giving Great Head

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

By Arabella Fox

bree pouting seductively


I am yet to meet a man who doesn’t love a good blowjob! As an escort in Sydney, it’s an invaluable skill to have in my adult services toolbox and I have some great tips and techniques to share with you today.

Male readers, consider this a bit of tantalising foreplay for the royal treatment you’ll receive at Select Sydney Escorts… and for female readers, you may pick up a few handy hints to dazzle your man! Blowjobs are fun, sexy, a great way to connect with your partner and best of all, will make him love you for life!

1. Build the Anticipation

Don’t rush into it. I like to start with some passionate French kissing before slowly moving south to lick and nibble earlobes, neck, torso and inner thighs…before finally licking the head of the penis. This guarantees maximum sensation for him and will get you both in the mood before the real fun begins 😉

2. Creative Tongues

Some women make the mistake of going straight into fast sucking, head-bobbing mode. With all escort services at Select, we make sure to treat you with a variety of techniques including slow, swirling tongue movements to really drive you wild!

3. Hands On

Your sexy female escort can bring you to boiling point by stroking the shaft at the same time as she is licking the head. If this is too hot too handle, she could simply grip the base of your shaft, gently massage your balls, stroke the perineum… or even (if you’re game) insert a finger into the anus to stimulate the prostate for a deeply intense orgasm!

4. Deep Throat

I always tell my girlfriends, if you only have time to learn one bedroom skill, make it deep throat! If you’re a man who has experienced the sensation of being taken deep into a woman’s mouth, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If not, book a Sydney outcall with one of my sexy friends and enjoy the ride because you are in for a treat 😉

5. Get Into It

My number one hint to all my female readers is to just ENJOY IT. If you are having fun, moaning, hungry for his c*ck, making lots of eye contact and generally being a playful little minx, he will enjoy the blowjob 100% more, I promise!

6. Put on a Good Show

Men are very visual creatures and it’s important us girls deliver some juicy eye candy. I like to wear a skimpy thong and high heels so he can watch me bobbing up and down and enjoy a great view of my arse at the same time!

7. The Big Swallow

Alessandra laying on stomach naked


When searching for the hottest Sydney escorts, men usually seek a companion who is willing to swallow their cum. While I love to perform this adult service, other great options are to finish with an amazing hand job or cum on her breasts.

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