A Sexy Ski Bunny’s Tale

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

By Arabella Foxarabella dressed as ski bunny

Winter is almost finished for another year and as an avid snowboarder, I can’t wait until the weather cools off so I can hit the slopes while wearing an array of supercute ski bunny outfits. Think tight white pants, lots of fur, long tousled hair and glossy lips… this girl is always ready for action both on and off the snow!

Of course there is an added bonus to my annual ski trips. Perhaps it’s all that exercise or the fresh mountain air, but I always find I develop a huge appetite after a day on the ski fields… and I’m not talking about food 😉

This year’s holiday was no exception for this naughty little ski bunny. I have just returned from week on the ski fields around Queenstown in New Zealand, where the scenery is amazing and the locals are so friendly…In fact I got very friendly with couple of the local men in particular 😉

On my first day there I was waiting in line for the chairlift, looking like a million dollars of course. Two young Kiwi guys came up behind me. They couldn’t have been older than 25, and were acting like young boys, laughing and throwing snow at each other. They stopped short when they saw me and I thought, hello, let’s have some fun 😉 I gave them a cheeky smile and jumped on the chairlift. They were on the seat behind me. When we got the top, I grinned and said ‘race you to the bottom’!

They were both on snowboards as well and it was an exhilarating rush down the side of the mountain with all three of us ducking, weaving and chasing one another. When they caught me at the bottom, we were all panting and exhausted. I unzipped my parka down to my cleavage and said ‘I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for a sauna’. They didn’t ask twice and before long we were heading into the sauna at the lodge, wearing only swimmers and a towel.

As soon as we got in there I dropped the towel to reveal my toned body clad in a very small white bikini and bent to pour more water on the coals, giving them a perfect view of my butt in a tiny g-string. What can I say, I like it hot 😉

As the temperature rose I sat back down, facing them, and started stroking my breasts. The boys looked at me hungrily. I very slowly untied my bikini to reveal my perfect breasts. I could see they were getting hard and encouraged them to play with themselves… meanwhile I slipped out of my g-string and started touching myself with my legs spread wide so they could see everything.

After a few minutes of this I crossed to them and kissed first one boy and then the other, slow and passionate, letting my full breasts and erect nipples rub against their chests. I then bent my head to give one of the guys a tantalizingly slow blowjob, while arching my back and sticking my butt up in the air. This was too much for the other boy, who stood up and entered me from behind. I think we can safely say we all warmed up pretty fast after the snow 😉

Until next time,
Arabella xx

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