A Tale of Two Outcalls

Posted on Nov 30, 2015

By Arabella Fox

In my years as a high class Sydney escort I’ve met some clients who made me swoon, and others who were less enchanting. You may be surprised to hear that the Sydney outcall services I most enjoy are not necessarily with the young, rich, good-looking guys: some of my most memorable and fun bookings have been with older men who are past their physical prime but have invaluable experience in how to please a lady!

I’m not just talking about sexual pleasure – although that comes into it as well 😉 Whether the client is young or old, rich or poor, hot or not, the best escort services in Sydney all have one thing in common: good preparation!

Preparation really is key to getting the most out of your adult services. You might wonder why you should bother trying to impress your female escort? The reality is if we are both feeling comfortable and respected, the sex will be a hundred times more electric. If you prepare well, you’ll get more bang for your buck… literally 😉

Two of my recent Sydney escort bookings perfectly illustrate this point:

1. Ben*

I admit I was excited to arrive at Ben’s flashy house in the Eastern Suburbs – he is a semi-famous musician in his early thirties who I always thought was pretty hot. When he opened the door I thought again… He was wearing a scruffy hoodie and looked like he hadn’t showered, with an unkempt beard and dirt under his fingernails. Take it from me boys, no matter how good looking you are, grooming is still important 😉

He invited me in and I was shocked to see the place was a dump with empty beer bottles and ashtrays scattered around, and loud rock music blaring out. Ben didn’t bother to make small talk or even kiss me, much less offer me a nice drink before starting to grope at my breasts and pull my clothes off… not a lot of romance! The sex was fast and forgettable – even for a professional Sydney escort like me, it’s impossible to jump straight into a deep, sensual, erotic place with no foreplay.

2. Bruce*beautiful Arabella Fox

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Bruce is a pest inspector of all things! He is about sixty years old and lives in a humble suburban home. I have seen Bruce a few times and he is one of my favourite clients because he always prepares well – and we have incredible sex as a result of this 😉

As always, Bruce opened the door freshly shaved and wearing a smart suit jacket. The house was spotlessly clean and tidy, and had laid out some simple appetizers to nibble on. Bruce presented me with a glass of champagne on arrival and we sat in his lounge room to chat and flirt for a while before he started gently caressing my body.

With smooth jazz in the background, it was a sensual transition to the bedroom where the bed was freshly made and soft lamps created sexy mood lighting. Bruce and I slowly undressed each other and made deep, passionate love, coming to a mind-blowing climax together. That’s what I call a successful outcall service in Sydney!

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