Academy Award Performances

Posted on Mar 2, 2014

It’s Oscars time!  Tomorrow, all the biggest Hollywood stars will walk the red carpet in LA for the 86th Academy Awards. Keeping with this theme, we think it would be fun to let the Oscar-nominated films inspire your next Sydney escort booking. This year presents a great line-up of movies with some great sex scenes… from the debauched luxury of The Wolf of Wall Street to the sizzling futuristic phone sex of Her and the girl-on-girl action of American Hustle.

Let Select Sydney Escorts lead the way with some hot sex-spiration from this year’s greatest films!

American Hustle

This entertaining crime caper is set in the 1970s with an all-star cast including Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, who with her curvy figure, stunning face and fun-loving attitude is probably the sexiest young actress around at the moment. Ask your Sydney escort to recreate the scene where Lawrence seduces Christian Bale by stripping down to her underwear, straddling him and saying ‘come to Mama’ – who could resist?

There’s another great scene where Lawrence and Amy Adams share a girl-on-girl kiss. Relive this at home by booking two hot Sydney escorts, sitting back and watching them touch, kiss and pleasure each other. To really get into the vibe you could ask them to dress in full 1970s sequins and fur!

The Wolf of Wall StreetTall female in stockings for Oscars Night

Martin Scorsese’s latest epic tells the true story of Jordan Belfort, a wealthy stockbroker living the high life in New York City. The film’s nudity,
sex scenes, language, parties and general debauchery saw it rated R in Australia, and there’s definitely plenty to inspire your next sexy session!

We particularly like the strip scenes from hot young Aussie starlet Margot Robbie. Let your Sydney escort recreate the magic by stripping off to everything but a pair of lacy thigh high stockings and stilettos. Alternatively, she could give you a tantalising peep show by ‘forgetting’ to wear any underwear, just as Robbie’s character does in the film.

Another great sex scene in this film is Belfort’s bucks’ party. His full-blown orgy with not one or two but 50 escorts takes things to the next level! If you’re keen to live large, why not hire a few stunning Sydney escorts for a night of absolute hedonism?


This futuristic love story is about Theodore, a man who falls in love with a computer operating system called Samantha. This may not sound particularly sexy at first, but wait until we tell you that Samantha is played by husky-voiced bombshell Scarlett Johansen… and wow, can the girl talk dirty! There is a sizzling sex scene where Samantha and Theodore describe in explicit detail how they would pleasure each other, both coming to an incredible climax. The moral of the story is that dirty talk can be very erotic. Try it out with your Sydney escort by telling her all the naughty things you want to do to her body… we are sure you will both be panting with desire in no time.
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