All I Want for Christmas

Posted on Dec 27, 2015

By Arabella Fox

Christmas is almost here again and I for one am not sure where 2015 went! Oh wait… there was that unforgettable threesome… and that one lover who asked me to bark like a dog… and those weeks spent lazing on a yacht in the Mediterranean… not to mention my busy day job as a lawyer which can leave me a little strung out and needing release, if you know what I mean 😉

Anyhow it’s been a busy year, and now here we are at the pointy end of the festive season. Who’s ready for some fun? Sunset drinks, endless parties and discarded inhibitions: yes please!

The only downside of Christmas time is, well, Christmas! The majority of Australians vote this the most stressful holiday of the year. With the excessive family contact and epic amounts of food preparation, not to mention the financial and logistical stress of choosing, buying and wrapping gifts for everyone from your Mum to your long lost great-uncle Bernie, it’s enough to send you over the edge!

If you survive Christmas Day, you more often than not will end up with a bunch of stuff you neither need nor want… so this year, I challenge you to ask yourself what you really want for Chistmas! I’m talking all the dirty sexual fantasies and secret fetishes you keep locked away inside… now is the time to ask for what you want 😉

Of course, you need to pick your audience: cousin Bertha probably won’t be too keen to hear about your foot fetish. Book a Sydney outcall service with one of the hottest blonde or brunette escorts in Sydney and let your wildest dreams become reality! Why not treat yourself to one of my fun Christmas Fantasy Gift Ideas below?

1. Naughty Elf

This is one of my favourite Christmas games. I’ll don my cheekiest elf outfit complete with suspender stockings and a very short skirt revealing my pert buttocks in a lacy g-string… and then ask ‘Santa’ to please punish me for being such a naughty little elf!

2. Riding Reindeers

This one is a game for three (or five… or seven… it works best with even numbers of ladies to pull your ‘sleigh’). While you lie back and relax, allow two of Sydney’s hottest escorts to perform a slow striptease until all they are wearing is a cheeky pair of reindeer ears apiece. Your sexy reindeers will then ride your big hard North Pole all the way to a very merry Christmas orgasm 😉

3. PVC Lady Santa

If you’ve been more naughty than nice this year, Lady Santa is waiting to punish you! A stunning Amazonian female escort dressed in tight red PVC trimmed with white fur, she comes prepared with feather ticklers, whips, handcuffs and blindfolds… all the tools to teach a naughty boy a lesson he will never forget 😉

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the naughty boys out there!

Love from Arabella xx
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