An Escort`s Diary: Ready for My Close Up

Posted on Dec 17, 2013

By Arabella Fox

arabella fox posing for photographer at photoshootAs a high class escort starting at a top Sydney escort agency, one of the first things you need to do is have professional photos taken to go on the agency’s website. Some of the shyer girls find this a bit daunting, but as you have probably figured out, there’s nothing I like more than an opportunity to show off! Bring it on 😉

The day of my photo shoot arrives and I am fully prepared. Spray tan: check. Full Brazilian: check. Lots of naughty outfits and sexy lingerie: check. I can’t wait to strut my stuff in front of the camera! As the stylist does my hair and makeup, I sip on a glass of bubbly and listen to the pumping music blaring from the sexy arabella in white lacy bra at photoshootstudio…this is going to be fun!

The photographer pops his head in to see if I’m ready to go and I nearly fall off my chair…he is HOT. What sort of mischief can I get up to today, I wonder?

The first outfit I have picked is what I like to call the ‘sexy virgin’ look – a white lacy bra and see-through white panties. I must admit even I feel a little bit nervous as I step out in front of the camera. But then the sound of the music and the shutter clicking, along with the encouragement from the photographer, brings out my inner top model… pretty soon I am pouting and posing like nobody’s business!

The next outfit is my ‘classy vixen’ look – a black bra that shows my nipples, a black g-string, and high black stilettos…as I toss my hair and look over my shoulder at the camera, I feel like Australia’s Next Top Escort!

Now I must admit that all this time I was flirting outrageously with the photographer, and I’m sure there was lust in his voice as he said ‘that’s right Arabella, bend over… now turn back to me and touch your breasts…now run your hand up the inside of your thigh…” We were both getting pretty hot under the collar! I love a man who tells me what to do, especially when he has a huge…lens… pointing in my direction 😉

arabella in red silky bra posingMy final look was the ‘lingerie model’ – a red Italian silk bra that emphasises my large breasts, and matching g-string. Victoria’s Secret, eat your heart out!

Everyone applauded as we wrapped up. I went to my dressing room to get changed, and the studio grew quiet as the rest of the crew left. Then the door opened- it was the photographer, with a wicked grin and a visible erection! Naturally I was delighted 😉 He swept the makeup out of the way, lifted me onto the bench, and thrust himself into me, while I wrapped my legs around him and enjoyed the show – every wall in the room was covered in mirrors! Another fun day in the life of this Sydney escort.

Until next time,

Arabella xx
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