Anal Sex Myths Debunked

Posted on Nov 8, 2014

Alessandra in red bikini kneeling We like to keep an open mind here at Select Sydney Escorts, especially when it comes to sex. There is no one-size-fits-all (pun intended!) approach to satisfying sexual desires, and we understand that everybody has a different kink. This is not something to be ashamed of… in fact we believe it should be celebrated! Imagine how boring this world would be if we all had exactly the same no-frills vanilla sex night after night, and never tried anything new. No, thanks! Give us weird and wonderful perversions any day 😉

If you have secret desires that you have always been too ashamed to ask for, or if you just struggle to find a sexual partner who will fulfill your needs, booking a Sydney escort is the perfect solution. All the ladies at Select are open minded and non-judgmental, making them the perfect companions for a night of naughty fun!

Now, when it comes to naughty and taboo sex acts, anal sits at the top of the list. We talked about this in our last post; now it’s time to address some pesky myths surrounding anal sex!

1. The Anus is Dirty

This is a bit of a paradox because while the idea of anal sex being ‘dirty’ is a huge part of its appeal, most people don’t want to literally get dirty! There is no need to worry because with proper hygiene, the anus remains perfectly clean and sweet-smelling. All of our Sydney escorts have exceptional personal hygeine standards so you can rest assured she will be clean as a whistle and ready for you to play.

2. Anal Sex is Painful

In fact, if you’re doing it right, it should not be painful at all. Relaxation and lubrication are key to ensuring that both partners are comfortable during anal sex. Slow down, be gentle, and enjoy plenty of foreplay to help her relax and enjoy the experience. Most guys love the ‘tighter fit’ they get with anal sex – but please bear in mind that because it is tight down there, lube is essential!

3. You Don’t Need Condoms

Along with the tight fit, the other big appeal of anal sex for men is the lack of pregnancy risk. However, this does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind. All of our Sydney escorts are in immaculate health and they would like to keep it that way, so for their protection and yours, we insist on using condoms no matter if you’re going in the front door or the back.

4. It’s Not Pleasurable for Women

This myth needs to be debunked immediately! While some women remain indifferent towards anal sex, others find that they have stronger orgasms with anal than they ever could with vaginal sex. The feeling of surrender and trust involved in anal sex can also make it feel more passionate for women.

If you’d like to experience the pleasures of anal sex, just give our friendly receptionists a call and they will hook you up with the perfect Sydney escort to make your dreams come true!
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