Arabella’s Guide to a Sexy Christmas

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

By Arabella Fox

The silly season is upon us, and I think it’s time we had some fun and let our hair down! Christmas is traditionally when we reconnect with loved ones, so it’s great opportunity to spice up your sex life with that special someone. If you’re single, why not get cosy with a sexy stranger (or a hot Sydney escort) and let the games begin?

Here’s my top five naughty Christmas activities:

arabella in red corset blindfoldedFun with Tinsel

It’s great for decorating your Christmas tree, but have you ever thought about other ways to get creative with tinsel? I choose a nice thick strand and take it straight to the boudoir to chain my lover’s wrists to the bed… tinsel also makes a fabulous blindfold, or even a gentle whip! Ooh la la!

Sexy Santas

There is a huge range of sexy Santa lingerie available these days – think lacy red teddies, latex corsets, and fluffy white bras. Girls, it’s time to play dress ups! Then all that remains is the question of whether your man has been naughty – in which case he deserves a good spanking! – Or nice. If he’s been a good boy then you really should give him a present… perhaps one starting with the letters B and J! Then you could ask very sweetly for a big, hard gift in return 😉

Sauce the Pudding

Christmas is all about the food, but personally, I find plates a little boring. I would much prefer to eat fresh cherries and slices of mango off a gentleman’s rock-hard… abs… Arabella sexily licking a cream cakeor lick brandy butter off the breasts of a gorgeous Sydney escort. Give it a try – I promise you will be begging for more after this little appetizer!

Find the Penny

While we’re on the topic of Christmas puddings, the old tradition is to hide a ‘lucky penny’ in one slice. My Sydney escort girlfriends and I like to play this game with our clients, where whoever gets the penny becomes master for the night, and whoever loses out becomes their sex slave! Imagine all the fun you could have with a stunning naked woman at your beck and call… the opportunities are endless.

Christmas Games

The festive season is a time to celebrate, and for many people that means playing games. How dirty these games get is completely up to you 😉 My fellow Sydney escorts and I love to play strip Twister and strip poker with our clients to get them into the mood. Another fun option is charades, where you mime naughty sex acts rather than movies or books! Then of course we would take breaks in between turns to perform the act for real – it’s a chance to live out your wildest fantasies.

Wishing you all a very sexy Christmas and a naughty New Year!

Arabella xx
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