Are Sex Robots the Way of the Future?

Posted on Oct 24, 2015

long legged escort posing as sex objectDo you really want to get your buttons pushed in the right way? Want to get turned on by something you can turn off when you’re finished? Then you’re probably poised and ready to click ‘add to cart’ already. But are sex robots really a good substitute for real human interaction? Let’s find out!

The Pros

On the surface, there are definitely some benefits to using an artificial human for sex. With a robot, there probably won’t be a lot of expectations when it comes to reciprocation. That means every encounter with the robot will always be about you – your pleasure will be the only priority. You would also be able to avoid serious emotional connections if you prefer, and you could potentially choose your robot’s appearance. On top of that, there would be no risk of unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

Aside from these perks, some experts say people who have lost their partner or are between relationships may experience psychological benefits from having a robot for physical companionship.

The Cons

That all sounds pretty great. Maximum pleasure, no commitment. Get off and then turn off. Unfortunately, that might be problematic for those who choose to follow that path. Researchers predict that a lack of real human interaction could lead to feelings of isolation and depression in some people. Others are concerned that it could increase the level of objectification of other people as it reinforces their status as tools for sex.

In addition to those reasons, many people derive pleasure from giving their partners pleasure, both socially and sexually. If that is something you enjoy, keep in mind that it might be difficult to get those same, genuine reactions from a robot, and you may therefore lose some of the joy you obtain from those interactions.

That’s not all, though – real humans are adaptable. They can change their rhythm to match yours, and they can mix it up with their own initiative. Sex with a robot might be reliable, but is reliable sexy? Or would you rather real spice with a real person?

What’s Your Stance?

Would you have sex with a robot? Would you make it a permanent companion in place of other people? What do you think of a future where robotic partners are the norm? While it might seem like a far-off phenomenon that you will never have to seriously consider, experts agree that, within 50 years, these robots will be commonplace. It is certainly worth considering if you would fork out for one of them!

Sex robots might be the way of the future for some. If you’re among the many people who prefer genuine human interaction and a reciprocal connection, you don’t have to wait until super advanced robots are on the shelves – simply book one of our private Sydney escorts for an evening of fun and adventure. Check out our gallery of real, living, adaptable women and see if there’s a match for your tastes. Call us on 9955 3345 to book your escort encounter.
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