Back Door Loving: The Last Great Taboo

Posted on Oct 20, 2014

naked blonde escort laying on floorIn recent weeks here at Select Sydney Escorts, we’ve got to thinking about anal sex. Perhaps it’s the time of year – we all spend more time in bed in winter, and with all those extra hours under the duvet, a girl’s gotta find new ways to amuse herself 😉 – or perhaps our Sydney escorts have seen a spike in interest from clients recently.

There’s no question that many men are excited by anal… just look at any porn site! What we’re curious to know is, why all the fuss? And has it always been this way? These days, Select Sydney Escorts are getting many more requests for back room parties than ever before – so what’s changed?

In a lot of ways, anal is the last great sexual taboo, especially for hetero couples. For a long time it was a strictly gay thang… and even then, it had to be done in secret to avoid persecution. Now that society is more open and accepting, anal can finally come out of the closet!

And it’s not just for gay men anymore. Recent studies show that a lot of men AND women are enjoying anal sex on a regular basis. Two years ago, an American study found that up to 40 percent of women were doing the dirty, compared to just 16 percent in 1992.

This definitely has something to do with the rise of internet porn and raunch culture, bringing previously ‘deviant’ sex acts into the mainstream. We all get a kick out of doing something naughty and taboo, and this is exactly what makes anal sex so much fun.

Our Sydney escorts report that many of their clients who request anal sex are bisexual, or perhaps in the closet and not yet comfortable to admit being gay. But equal numbers are 100 percent straight macho men who just enjoy it… another factor is that the back room is often tighter than the front, offering a totally different sensation 😉

The big question is, do women like it?

As with all sexual preferences, there is no one set answer to this question. Some women love the submissiveness of anal and are even able to orgasm this way! Meanwhile, other ladies are not into it at all. The main thing is for you to be respectful of your companion and ensure that you have her consent before trying anything new in the bedroom.

One of our Sydney escorts who does not offer anal sex complained recently of a client who went straight for the back door. “Why do guys want to play in the mud”, she fumed, “when there is a beautiful manicured playground next door?”

This made us laugh but for every girl who is against it, there are plenty more ready to play dirty with you 😉 We have a number of sexy Sydney escorts who love to do it Greek style and offer this as one of their most popular services… just ask our friendly receptionists to recommend the perfect playmate for you!

If you’d like to, ahem, probe a little deeper on this subject, keep an eye out for our next post… Anal Sex Myths Exposed!
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