Breaking Down Common Escort Clichés

Posted on Apr 17, 2018

brunette escort with whipThink you’re an expert on high-class escorting? When it comes to this secretive profession, public opinion is rife with clichés – but we’re here to set the record straight.

The sex work industry is built on discretion, so it’s not surprising how many farfetched ideas get thrown around about escorting. If you want to avoid falling for the stereotypes, join us as we break down the most common escort clichés.

The Escort Aesthetic

When you think of an escort, what image comes to mind? If you’re picturing fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots, a leather bustier and huge, plastic-fantastic boobs, think again. While plenty of our Sydney escorts enjoy dressing up in sexy outfits, they also know how to go incognito. From demure dresses to sexy-but-refined corporate attire, modern-day escorts need outfit options to suit every occasion.

Discretion is key to keeping clients happy. This is why high-class escorts are so careful with their clothing choices. An escort would never show up at a fancy restaurant or a formal event dressed in overtly sexual clothing (unless of course you’d like them to). Every detail of an escort’s appearance is chosen based on the date setting and their client’s personal preferences.

That immaculately dressed woman sitting next to you on the train who looks more like a lawyer than a sex worker? She could be on her way to a post-business meeting rendezvous. Or that girl strutting down the street in casual clothes and flats? Her client might have a thing for the girl-next-door look. Since escorts need to be the ultimate chameleons, there’s simply no such thing as a typical escort outfit these days.

Cash Cravings

While money is a big motivation for many high-class escorts, it’s not like the girls in this industry don’t have other options. Many Sydney escorts hold down regular day jobs, or spend their spare time studying at university. They get to enjoy more financial freedom and a better standard of living by boosting their income with escorting. It’s not for everyone, but working as an escort pays a lot better (and can be way more fun) than scanning groceries.

Some tiers of sex work are still prone to exploitation, but most high-class escorts are free to make their own choices. In a country like Australia, where the safety and rights of sex workers are reasonably well protected, escorting generally isn’t used as a means to escape poverty (especially when the escorts work for a reputable, high-class agency like ours). Escorting can provide material comforts and security, along with much better flexibility than many jobs allow.

If you’ve ever pitied an escort because you assumed she chose her profession out of desperation for money, save your sympathy. Most high-class escorts do what they do because they actually enjoy it, not just because it rakes in the crash.

Escorting Intelligence

No girl with half a brain would turn to escorting, right? Wrong! You might not need a high IQ to know the ins and outs of sex, but there’s a lot more to escorting than being good in bed. Escorts need to be street smart, emotionally intelligent and socially confident – so don’t go thinking this business is filled with mindless bimbos. We may have some of the most beautiful blonde escorts in Sydney on our books, but none of them are dumb.

The idea that escorts are unintelligent never seems to go away. Maybe it’s motivated by jealousy, or the tired (and sexist) stereotype that women can’t possibly be beautiful and smart. Regardless of the motivation behind this mistruth, don’t be tempted to fall for it. Believe it or not, being smart is essential to high-class escorting.

There are complex logistics involved with working as an escort, like scheduling client meetings and handling money. The clients rarely see this side of things, but a lot of hard work and careful planning goes into a well-organised, discreet escort service. There’s also the issue of conversation – escorts need to be able to talk the talk, whether it be with a client in a one-on-one situation, or the colleagues and friends of a client at a formal function. Standing there awkwardly isn’t going to cut it, so having the smarts to carry a conversation is a must-have.

Escort Boundaries

It’s a widespread fallacy that escorts will do anything you want in the bedroom. This cliché isn’t just untrue; it could also land you in your escort’s bad books. Just because you’re paying for sex doesn’t mean you get to act out every naughty deed under the sun. All escorts have boundaries, and failing to respect those boundaries is a big no-no. Most escorts will have what they’re willing to do clearly stated in their online profile, so you know exactly what to expect.

For example, plenty of girls are into anal and BDSM, while others prefer to avoid these particular acts of debauchery. On the other hand, some escorts are willing to provide more intimate services like kissing and cuddling. If you’re not sure whether the girl you’re making a date with will be happy to perform the fantasy or kink you have in mind, just ask us! Or you could browse the Models escort gallery to get an idea of the kind of services our girls provide.

Think you have a more realistic understanding of the mysterious world of escorting? To find out whether these clichés are really based on fact or fiction, book a date with a Select Sydney escort to see the real deal for yourself. Get in touch to arrange a date with one of our lovely ladies today.
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