Calling a Friend: A Couple Escort May Just Be Your Lifeline

Posted on Mar 26, 2020

an escort for a couples service

How can a couple escort be described exactly?

A couple escort may just be what you need if: Your relationship is on the rocks? Are you looking to reignite your sexual spark? If you’ve talked about you and your partner’s sexual struggles with your friends, you’ve probably received this piece of advice: “Maybe try something new, like a threesome...?”  Of course, you thought that was ludicrous. You are already trying to get intimate with each other. Wouldn’t inviting a third person just make that worse? Wouldn’t it just further widen the emotional and sexual gap between you two?  

But listen here. When your reason for seeking out a threesome is to re-energise your sex life, it would be ludicrous to invite a random stranger. 

But when you invite a professional, it will be nothing short of incredible. If you want to bring back the life in your sex life, don’t waste your time on just anyone: ask a professional couple escort for help. In this article, learn more about the couples service and how it can do wonders for your relationship.  

Why choose a professional instead of a stranger?

Put simply, a couple escort is someone who attends to a couple via threesome. Usually, couples invite escorts over to just have fun: they take her out to dinner or drinks and then they take the party upstairs. They enjoy the company of a professional escort, because her grace and expertise in bed makes for a seamless, wonderfully choreographed threesome session.  Most of the time, these are couples who are already comfortable doing threesomes – they have participated in orgies, attended sex parties, or found a nice stranger online who joins them once in a while. They’re naturally adventurous, and availing of a threesome service from an escort is simply a form of indulgence for them.  

Are You Too Shy For A Threesome?

Some couples may shy away from threesomes, and it’s mostly because they feel that their relationship may not be ready for it. When couples think of solutions to restore physical and emotional connection after having losing touch, a threesome would definitely be the last thing on their minds.  This is where the distinction between a threesome with a stranger and a threesome with a professional couple escort comes into play. When a couple that suffers challenges in their relationship invites a stranger to their bed, it will only intensify all the negative energy that already exists between them. It will amplify the insecurity, jealousy, anger, or isolation they feel towards their partner.  

This is because the stranger is not fully aware of the relationship’s condition and may only be looking to have pure, intention-less fun. The stranger may not actually do anything to directly cause those negative feelings to rise, but her presence itself may trigger them. If you want to fix your sexual relationship by trying new sexual experiences like a threesome, having one with someone who is not a professional in sex is only unproductive.  A professional escort, on the other hand, will do things with intention. She will want to know why you invited her over, what your specific requests are, where your head and heart is at before your session with her.  

What can a couples escort do for your relationship?

An important thing to note is that an escort is not a replacement for a couples counsellor! Think of her as your shared friend-with-benefits, but with emphasis on friend. She will be empathetic and sensitive, and will listen for your sexual needs so she can fully satisfy them, with the intention of getting you both back on your love train! 

She knows how to create equal threesome play  

A threesome that’s unguided will only lead to one of the three parties feeling left out. This is probably the most common fear in the topic of threesomes: couples are scared they’ll find out that their partner enjoys the company of a stranger more than theirs. This is unlikely to happen during a threesome with an escort.  Why? Because all three of you have made a plan. Her golden rule is to always give both partners equal attention. Here’s an important thing to remember: before booking a threesome, you and your partner must have already intimately discussed what your needs are as a couple and as individuals. You should be able to come up with a list of what you want to happen, what either person is comfortable with – this includes what each person is comfortable being done on them as well as on their partner (as they watch.)  

Now to Book your Couples Escort

When you decide your list is good to go, book the escort. She will also have things she may or may not be comfortable with, so that might modify your expectations as well. But in the end, you will have come up with a solid plan and realistic expectations for what will happen during your time together. No spontaneity, no uncertainty, no disappointment. This is better, since you can fully prepare for your threesome, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  She will bring the two of you together.

Think of your threesome as a party, and think of her as the host. She will be introducing you to each other (again), making sure everyone’s having a great time.  As an escort, her priority will be your pleasure. She will press the right buttons at the right time so everyone can be in-sync. How she will do that exactly varies from one couple escort to another – each of them comes with her own secret magical powers. But rest assured that she will perform in a way that allows the two of you to connect, as that is her main goal.  

She can be your sexual mentor. By watching her please your partner and paying attention to the way your partner reacts to the way she performs, you can pick up a good example for how to pleasure your partner next time you’re alone together.  

Not only that, but she will also offer generous insight about sex, and will be happy to offer you advice on how to pleasure each other next time you’re alone together. She’s a professional, so really soak up her guidance.  

Want to book a couples escort service for you and your partner?

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