Can a Man Masturbate Too Much?

Posted on Jul 14, 2015
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Although masturbation is extremely pleasurable, a lot of men worry that they masturbate too much and that it could be harming their health or their sex life.

So what’s a normal level or masturbation? While some guys spank the monkey once a month or once a fortnight, others jack off once or twice per day. Whatever your preference, don’t worry because all of these frequencies are within a healthy normal range!

However, if choking the chicken starts to become an addiction or interferes with your daily life in negative ways, it might be time to put down your weapon. While the old story about excessive masturbation making you blind is definitely not true, there are some adverse side effects to be aware of!

Read on for our expert guide to the dangers of masturbating too much. If you’re noticing any of the following signs and symptoms it might be time to give your boner a break… and perhaps consider booking a smoking hot Sydney outcall service with one of our stunning high class escorts instead!

You Have Problems Ejaculating

When you repetitively jack off to specific stimuli (such as your hand and your favourite porno) you teach your body and your brain to reach climax only under those circumstances. This can make it hard to sustain an erection or ejaculate when you are with a real-life partner. Multiple ejaculations over a short period of time also depletes semen levels so you need to give your body time to replenish those fluids!

You’re Hurting Yourself

If your masturbation is causing actual physical pain such as tenderness to the shaft, pain when urinating or skin chafing, it’s an indication that you need to give it a break. If you notice more serious conditions then make sure to get the advice of your doctor.

It’s Affecting Your Job or Relationships

If you’re ducking out of work five times a day to masturbate, or find yourself staying in on Friday nights to rub one out rather than meeting up with friends, you may have an addiction on your hands. We recommend taking a break from masturbation and spending some sexy time with one of the hottest escorts in Sydney instead!

You Can’t Get It Off Your Mind

Another sign of addiction is when you just can’t stop thinking about when or how you might next be able to toot your horn. If you find yourself frequently distracted by thoughts of masturbation, you may need to either quit cold turkey or try to cut back on the frequency until you feel more in control. Yes, masturbation is normal and healthy, but as the old saying goes you can have too much of a good thing!

We recommend moderation in all things. While pleasuring yourself can be a lot of fun, why not mix it up and throw in some steamy adult services with a gorgeous blonde escort in Sydney alongside your one-handed adventures? We promise you won’t be disappointed!
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