Communication 101: How to Be Open with Your Sexual Partner

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

Even the most seasoned stud can find themselves in the midst of an awkward conversation. Whether you’re spending an amazing night with one of our stunning Sydney escorts or courting some other lucky lady, communicating about sex is essential for mutual satisfaction and safety. While our experienced ladies can guide you easily through these conversations, it is always helpful to know how to discuss things like preferences, fantasies and past experiences without getting nervous. Here is our guide to effective copulation conversation.

Be Upfront and Direct

If you like to do things a certain way, or want her to do something for you, don’t dance around it. Use words that are clear and avoid euphemisms. When it comes to escorts, if you know before you book that you like something a little out of the ordinary, make sure you communicate this clearly when organising your date – that way, you avoid scenarios where you get your request refused or where you make your date feel uncomfortable or even do something she doesn’t want to.

Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, particularly when it comes to your sexual history. Did you pick up an STI at some point? As a responsible adult, you should always disclose information relevant to your sexual partner’s health and wellbeing.

Be Respectful

Remember that an escort is first and foremost a person – and that being rude and disrespectful may well end in you being denied any sort of service as well as potentially being blacklisted. This doesn’t mean no dirty talk or rough play (provided it’s consensual), but demanding your escort or any other sexual partner to do things they don’t want to, threatening them or insulting them is not on. Being assertive is great – and encouraged. Being aggressive is not.


It’s not just about you talking. Like in any conversation, listening is key. That way, you can understand what your partner wants, what they don’t want, what is going right, what is going wrong, and ways to improve if you’re lucky enough to get another chance! Avoid getting defensive or offended – if your partner’s communication style isn’t working for you, just let them know! Simple lines like “That made me feel like I wasn’t good enough” (or whatever the situation calls for) can do wonders. This lets them know their original message wasn’t clear and they should word it differently.


Lexie in white lingerie


Look for visual clues about what your partner is feeling. Many men and women are uncomfortable talking about sex and communicate passively, meaning they may go along with what you want simply because they struggle to disagree and don’t want to cause conflict. Things like closed body language, uncomfortable expressions or being slow to do things that you suggest can all be ways of showing reluctance. Alternatively, they may be verbally quiet but taking opportunities to engage you physically, which may indicate a more willing attitude. If you’re ever in doubt, use all these fantastic tips you’ve just read about and ask!

Effective communication has the potential to turn an ordinary encounter into something extraordinary. If you’re ready for a mind-blowing night with one of our gorgeous escorts (who all happen to be amazing communicators), find your favourite girl in our gallery and call us on 02 9955 3345 to book your date.
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