Coronavirus in Australia: Let’s Practice Sexual Distancing

Posted on May 21, 2020

coronavirus Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the world at a standstill. As the globe fights an invisible enemy, people are asked to stay home to keep themselves safe. Many businesses have closed down temporarily due to covid 19 (coronavirus). Cities that used to bustle with activity day and night have now quieted down. The center of the hustle is now at the hospitals, where medical frontliners sacrifice their time, energy, and even their own safety, to care for those who have been affected by the disease.  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia has affected the daily lives of many and has invited all of us back to our homes, our safest haven during these trying times. With the World Health Organization’s instruction to stay home, Select Sydney Escorts have opted to temporarily go on-hold until Australia successfully drives out coronavirus (COVID-19). At the moment, ours and our communities’ health and safety are our priority. We will be back in business as soon as we get the reassurance from our authorities that it would be safe to return to our the lives we had led before the crisis began.  

Your favorite ladies are snug and safe in the comfort of their own homes, and we invite you to stay home as well. Rest assured that everyone here at Select are all looking forward to dipping their toes back into the pool of desire with you!  

Sexual distancing:

How coronavirus in Australia is affecting the local adult industry  

As a precautionary measure, local governments have asked all “non-essential businesses” to temporarily close their doors. Yes, we already know what you are thinking and we agree with you on that: Sex is essential, just as essential as food, water, and medicine, and we know that there have been many instances in many people’s lives where it has actually served as a more than sufficient replacement food, water, and medicine!  

But unfortunately, due to the way the virus spreads, physical contact with others should be avoided as much as possible. See, COVID-19 is spread through droplet transmission. These droplets can exit from a carrier’s body when they cough or sneeze. The droplets fall onto surfaces, and when others come into contact with those surfaces, they may contract the virus when they touch their eyes, nose, and mouth, and are likely to pass it on to others if they have physical contact before they sanitise their hands or other parts of their body.  

Such is the most obvious reason why the local escort industry has laid (yes, laid, but not in the way you would want that to mean) their bookings on the table for nowThe job simply requires so much physical contact—yes, under normal circumstances, this would have been a good thing. Before, the main health requirements of everyone that is involved in the industry (both providers and clients alikeare just trusty condoms and a regular sexual health checkup.  

Now, though, that simply isn’t enough. Providers and clients must stay away from each other for a while. The NSW government has advised strip clubs and sex services premises to stop operations, and by that principle, in-call and out-call escorting should remain unavailable as well. While it’s true that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted sexually, it’s the contact of bodies in general that allows for transmission, not just genitals.  

While you can be sure that our girls practice good hygiene (health crisis or not), with the rate that this crisis has been on in the past few weeks, we definitely cannot be too careful. Right now, “too careful” is careful enough. 

On the bright side, though, we can definitely count on this old adage: absence makes the heart (and a few other organs) grow fonder. Just imagine how good that tension release would be once you and your favorite lady find yourselves in each other’s arms again!  

Things are looking up for the New South Wales 

Statistics of coronavirus in Australia shows NSW to be the worst-hit of all states, with a tally of 2,969 confirmed cases. Of the 2,969 cases, NSW has reported 30 deaths and over 1,700 recoveries (59%). But as of April 20, 2020, NSW has seen a five-week low of new infections. A few weeks ago, the numbers soared to nearly two hundred a day. But now, even with NSW’s aggressive mass testing measures (testing at around 3,500 to 4,000 people a day), yesterday’s results reported only 3 new cases. It’s looking as if NSW is now on the run to flattening the curve.  

Perhaps in the coming weeks, the NSW community can inch its way back towards normalcy. Parts of Bondi beach have opened for those who want to exercise, with strict social distancing measures still in place. This means that Select Sydney Escorts will be back before you know it.  

What the girls would like you to know  

Australia’s coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has definitely made us long for what we can’t have. Of the many things that have the potential to get you hot and bothered, isolation definitely tops the list. And if you had a great time with our girls (we know you did), we won’t be surprised if isolation is currently driving all of your libido to your memories of those happy nights. But the girls would like to remind you to take care of yourself for now.  

First of all, keep safe and healthy 

Stop right there, tiger – just because Select Sydney Escorts is on-hold, for the time being, doesn’t mean you should go looking underground for girls who are still in business! We have much love and respect for the adult industry that we are a part of, but we invite both clients and fellow providers alike to just refrain from seeing each other. All this is temporary anyway. We are reminding you of this for your own safety. As always, we don’t want anyone catching anything – not STDs, not COVID-19, nothing.   

Try and give yourself a hand for now 

If you’ve spent some time with our girls, it’s likely that you’ve explored some of your desires together. There’s plenty of ways to continue on that journey even while at home: you might want to try this ancient, time-tested practice called watching porn. Not many have heard of it, but we hear it’s really great. (Oh, who are we kidding, you don’t need to be told to do this!)

Use this time wisely and productively 

This is a great opportunity to explore other activitiesYou might have hobbies you want to do more of or things you need to take care of around the house. You want to have plenty of interesting things to talk about when you see your favorite girl again. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon 

As soon as Australia’s coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is over, we will start taking calls and making bookings again. Whether it’s going to be your first or millionth time booking with us, we guarantee it’s going to be worth the wait. Till then, stay safe and practice sexual distancing. 

For any enquiries or questions, call Select Sydney Escorts at (02) 9955 3345. Or try our mobile text or call 0497 69 60 69
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