Do Escorts Destroy Marriages… Or Save Them?

Posted on Oct 1, 2016

long blonde haired tanned sexy beach babeThere is no doubt marriage is a challenge. Family, work and financial pressures can easily drive a wedge between even the most committed couples – and if a wife stops fulfilling her husband’s needs, it is tempting for him to look elsewhere for sexual and emotional intimacy. Some men turn to a female friend or coworker and become embroiled in a messy affair, while others use high class escorts to fulfill their desires.

Many wives blame high class escorts in Sydney for tempting their husbands to cheat, but here at Select Sydney Escorts we believe it’s a bit more complicated than that. Can escorts really destroy a marriage? Or can they actually save marriages by fulfilling a man’s desires and then sending him home to love his wife?

Take a recent news story as an example. You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. Ever since the news broke, the Internet has been swirling with rumours about why Hollywood’s biggest power couple is parting ways.

While some rumours suggest the split was caused by too much time apart, Brad’s boozy ways or conflicting parenting styles, many believe the real reason Ange pulled the pin is because Brad couldn’t keep it in his pants!

He does have a history of infidelity which Angie knows about all too well after being on the other side of the game. Remember she lured Brad away from wife Jennifer Aniston during the filming of Mr & Mrs Smith back in 2005. Some say the writing was on the wall – if Brad cheated on Jen it was only a matter of time before he cheated again with his next partner. What goes around comes around Ange!

Whether or not Brad cheated, many marriages reach a point after 5 or 10 or 15 years where the initial spark of sexual desire is gone. Usually but not always it is the woman who loses interest, while the man usually has a higher sex drive to start with.

If a husband goes looking for that sexual release, surely Sydney outcalls are a better option than an affair where he is likely to fall in love and destroy his marriage? The best escorts in Sydney are professionals who offer a pure physical release rather than an emotional connection. This way a frustrated husband can get deep sexual satisfaction then go home to love his wife, not the escort.

It’s a win-win situation. The husband gets his needs met, the wife gets a happy and peaceful home environment, and no feelings get hurt in the process because there is no love involved with a Sydney escort booking. It’s just (very good) sex!

Occasionally a wife will even be aware of her husbands’ high class escort use and agree to it because she isn’t in the mood for sex and it saves her the drama of a grumpy frustrated husband.

Perhaps if Ange had sent Brad to one of Sydney’s hottest escorts there would be no divorce in the news this week? Now there is some food for thought.
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