Do Escorts Enjoy Sex with Clients?

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

By Arabella Fox

Hello boys and welcome to the wonderful world of Arabella for another week! I had an interesting conversation with one of my long-term clients the other day. He said ‘Arabella, tell me the truth, do you really enjoy having sex with men like me?’ Let me tell you, this put me on the spot! I should disclose that he asked me this question after giving me not one but two orgasms with his amazing tongue, so in his case the answer was a resounding YES!!

Having said this, orgasms are not essential for me and I honestly enjoy having sex with the vast majority of my clients. I have always been a sexually curious girl, so the thrill of indulging different fantasies, fetishes and desires really turns me on 😉 Whether you want to lick my toes for two hours or have hard, fast and furious doggy style sex, I will have fun either way, because I love what I do! The only time I don’t enjoy it is if the client is threatening or disrespectful. Most of the Sydney escorts I know agree that if we feel relaxed and comfortable, the sex is enjoyable.

Personally, I love my boys! I am lucky enough to work in an agency where the ladies on reception are very careful about the type of gentlemen they send to us. If a man is rude or abusive on the phone, or he starts haggling over price, chances are he will bring those behaviours into the bedroom as well… so they simply say no thanks. This means that the clients they send me are generally lovely men.

Arabella sexy blog writerI have a lot of long-term clients who I really enjoy spending time with, whether we are making each other moan with pleasure, or just making each other laugh! Over time we get to know each other’s likes and dislikes in bed, so the sex gets hotter and we both enjoy it more. At the end of the day it is my job to pleasure you – and in fact many gentlemen book me because of my renown for giving oral sex, but that’s a story for another day 😉

I guess I’m lucky because a lot of my clients are really into pleasuring me as well – whether it’s with their hands, fingers, tongue, or other parts of their body 😉 One bonus with these clients is that when they see me getting hot, flushed and wet, it really turns them on and they want me even more. So the sex is more satisfying for everyone!

One final note – you don’t have to be a sex god with movie star looks! I often see men who are sexually inexperienced or lacking in confidence, and they usually prove to be the sweetest, gentlest and most considerate lovers. I really enjoy these bookings.

I’ll be back soon with more Sydney escort tales – until then, stay naughty 😉

Arabella xx
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