Does the Weather Affect Mens Libidos

Posted on Mar 22, 2014

womans torso perspiringIt has been a hot and humid few weeks in Sydney as we get the usual late-summer storms passing through. This has prompted all the girls here at Select Sydney Escorts to wonder, how much does the weather affect our clients’ sex drives?

We have all heard the term ‘Summer Lovin’… but you may be surprised to learn that this is a scientifically proven fact! The male (and female) libido is generally higher during the summer months because of increased exposure to sunlight.  All those hours spent lying on the beach and hanging out with friends in the sunshine boost your brain’s levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Let’s face it; being in a great mood is a definite turn on for everyone! Not to mention the sexy summer bikini bodies, golden tans and beachy hair sported by our gorgeous Sydney escorts… it’s enough to make any man feel frisky.

Sydney is notoriously humid in summer. Some people might use the sticky weather as an excuse not to do anything physical but here at Select Sydney Escorts we are all for working up a sweat! What could be better than a hot and steamy session between the sheets while the rain pours down outside? It beats the gym any day.naked dark girl perspiring in the heat

Besides, countless studies have shown that a man’s sweat contains desire-inducing pheromones. These chemical compounds are designed to make nearby women fall madly in lust with you. This was great for cavemen because it ensured plenty of sex and thus the survival of the human race. It’s great for modern man because it means that special someone (or Sydney escort) will not be able to resist you. Thank you, evolution!

Unfortunately as we head into winter, the days get shorter, the nights get cooler, and a man’s libido naturally tends to decrease. Because our primitive ancestors hibernated throughout the colder months, their metabolism and sex drives slowed right down and went into survival mode. They also spent a lot more time sleeping! This is why you can often feel sluggish and tired in cold weather. Also, in winter there is less sunshine to encourage those feel-good hormones.

However, it’s not all bad news. There are ways you can get around the winter libido drop and ensure your sex life stays hot and sizzling no matter the weather outside. One simple solution is to invest in the correct light bulb, as this will trick your body into thinking it’s still summer. Go for a full-spectrum energy saving bulb, which imitates natural sunlight and should have you feeling happy and horny in no time.

Another plus side to winter is that the nights are longer so we spend more time in bed, and we are more inclined to cuddle up under the doona… one thing usually leads to another! Studies show that more babies are conceived in wintertime so it can’t all be doom and gloom.

In the meantime, enjoy that summer lovin’ while it lasts!

This has prompted all the girls here at Select Sydney Escorts to wonder, how much does the weather affect our clients’ sex drives?
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