Desire and Domination: What Is The Femdom Fantasy?

Posted on Jan 14, 2020

Domination escort with whip

As a human endeavor, sex, as good as it is, often contains a whole treasure trove of untapped potential. Most people have sex but focus on the sexual activity itself — the physical aspect of it, the epic release that comes (pun intended) as a result of touching, petting, humping, and grinding. While this already brings a great deal of ecstasy, there is still a whole world of sexual pleasure that’s waiting to welcome you with Domination.

This world of pleasure is called BDSM. Where the bounds of sexual pleasure are explored with crystal clear consent! Then pushed further and further, until sex becomes a full-body experience. Jolts of euphoria are sent throughout the body as well as the mind. This article is for those who are interested in BDSM — but specifically those who want to kneel and worship a goddess, a femme fatale… a dominatrix. At escort agencies in Sydney, domination is not an uncommon request. Whether you’re simply curious or you’re actually looking to visit a domme, you’ll want to read on and learn about the femdom fantasy. 

About BDSM & Domination

If you don’t already know, BDSM stands for “Bondage and Domination, Sadism and Masochism.” During BDSM play, one party is the Dominant and the other is the Submissive. As the names suggest, the dominant establishes control in the shared sexual space, and the submissive surrenders themselves to the dominant. Both parties derive pleasure from either having or not having control, and they both reassure each other that they are in the service of each other’s desires. 

What is Femdom?

Femdom is short for “female domination.” During a femdom BDSM scene or relationship, the dominatrix performs sex acts  that reflect her power on the male submissive. These range from verbal humiliation to actual pegging. The domme will also frequently give orders for the sub to follow; she might ask the sub to kiss her high heels, remain in a kneeling position, walk on all fours, to name a few examples. Perhaps one highlight of BDSM-femdom play is the infliction of pain on the male sub. 

In most cases, femdom relationships involve costumes: the domme may be dressed in a latex or lace outfit to establish her power, while the sub may wear a gimp mask, gag, blindfold, or collar to represent submission. Toys would be incorporated here as well: whips, chains or handcuffs, paddles, and more. 

Do you need a domme? 

So many men in Sydney want domination — are aching for domination. Male submissives love dommes for a whole varied spectrum of reasons, and they vary from person to person. Some are more masochistic than submissive — this means that they feel an endorphin rush from simply feeling physical pain to mix pleasure with. Others love the power-dynamics aspect of it: they get a kick out of serving a female authority figure. 

But what’s consistent among all male submissives is this: it’s not just about the sex. Most dommes report that the men who visit them don’t consider the femdom fantasy as a simple fetish. What it’s about is the mental indulgence.  It’s about placing your mind and body firm in the “sub space” where the whole mix of fear, anticipation, delayed gratification, physical pain, and sexual satisfaction all make up one of the most blissful experiences they have in their lives. If there’s a real thrill in dangerous activities like jumping off a waterfall, the same goes for BDSM and femdom.

This might sound like a paradox, but BDSM is actually the safest, most welcoming space for you to explore your desires, navigate your innermost thoughts and feelings.  Here you will make your fantasy a life-changing reality. Dommes are not just authority figures, they are also nurturing and caring sex partners. They pay attention to the desires you hide away, without passing any judgment. They reassure you that what you feel and desire is valid, and the best part is that they’re willing to fulfill it with you.

Considering spending some time with a domme?

You’ll find the perfect mistress to serve at Select Sydney Escorts

Our gorgeous, powerful goddesses over at Select Sydney Escorts are more than prepared to be worshipped. If you’re looking for domination services in Sydney, Select Sydney Escorts is where you’ll find your dominant match. 

Our Select receptionists will be more than happy to hear about your desires and how we can help you fulfill them. Just remember this golden rule: be as honest as possible. Communicate all your wants, needs, and preferences. We can’t emphasise enough how important this is. We want to know which of our ladies who specialise in BDSM would be your best bet (our BDSM service can start from something as light as a little bit of verbal abuse, if that’s where you want to start.)

But more importantly, this is a matter of consent. Since BDSM is on the rough side of the sexual spectrum, not all ladies are willing to do certain sex acts or reach deeper levels of BDSM, even as dominatrices. We have to be able to set clear expectations as to what happens during your time with our Select dommes. (If our receptionists or ladies report that you don’t respect this rule, you will receive the worst punishment of all: you will find yourself blacklisted.)

Get to Know your Domination Queen

Whats the best way to make the most out of your femdom experience? Schedule repeat bookings with the same lady! As your domme-sub relationship grows deeper, you both will develop a better understanding of each other’s desires.  Your sexual ecstasy will just get more and more heightened with each booking. 

Get in touch with us today! Call us at (02) 9955 3345 or 0497 69 60 69.

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