Escorts Vs Affairs: Which is Better?

Posted on Aug 30, 2015

It’s a fact of life that most married men fantasise about other women. Whether it’s a hot girl at the gym, your children’s European nanny, the sexy HR manager at work or even your wife’s beautiful best friend, it is completely natural to feel sexual desire for women other than your spouse. These urges are especially hard to resist if you are bored in the bedroom at home, having marital issues, or are a natural thrillseeker.

beautful brunette escort in black bodysuitIf you decide to make those desires reality, it’s important to choose your cheating partner carefully. Making the wrong decision could lead to your affair being discovered and create huge problems within your marriage.

The recent Ashley Madison hacking scandal illustrates the dangers of having an affair, even through supposedly ‘safe’ channels such as online matchmaking services. When you become emotionally involved with another woman it is very easy for your indiscretions to be exposed, whether via a huge international hacking scandal or more ordinary reasons such as your mistress’ jealous actions or your own carelessness.

It is much more discreet, enjoyable and safer to indulge your fantasies with a professional high-class Sydney escort! This way you get to enjoy the best sex in Sydney with no strings attached; and because our business depends on absolute discretion, your privacy is guaranteed.

These are the benefits of booking a Sydney escort rather than having an affair:

• The sex is better! Our ladies are professionals and know exactly what how to drive you wild with desire… and then deliver incredible sexual satisfaction.

• If your sexual fantasies are even slightly out of the ordinary, it can be hard to find a woman who is willing to a) have an affair with a married man and b) partake in his latex fetish. Booking one of the hottest escorts in Sydney solves both dilemmas and gives you a fun and willing partner for your fantasies.

• Because their main priority is to please you with adult entertainment, our ladies take exceptional care of themselves. Not only will your chosen escort be stunning, she will also have impeccable grooming, flaunt a sexy gym-honed physique, and be beautifully dressed and made up every time you see her.

• It is 100% discreet with no strings attached! Your beautiful blonde escort, redhead escort or brunette escort will be delighted to see you, give you an incredibly satisfying and memorable experience, and then happily say goodbye until you book with her again. You have absolute control. In an affair, however, you are at the mercy of unpredictable emotions as your mistress inevitably becomes attached to you. She could call when you are at home with your wife, or even arrive at your house… and when you do have time alone, she is likely to be angry or upset rather than happy and fun.

In other words, affairs quickly become complicated and can be very risky. Sydney outcalls are a simpler, safer and much more enjoyable way to satisfy your desires, so contact us to make a booking with one of the hottest escorts in Sydney today.
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