Etiquette for Clients: How to Behave Around Escort Girls

Posted on Apr 21, 2020

Tips on client etiquette:

The first thing you should know about escort girls in Sydney is that they are very discerning when it comes to choosing who to see. These beautiful, charming, intelligent girls know their worth, and they don’t spend their precious time with just anyone. Their exceptional service is reserved only for exceptional, respectfpeople.  

Below, you’ll find essential pieces of advice on how to behave around escort girls. Once you perfect client etiquette, you’re well on your way to becoming your favourite escort’s favourite client – that means you’re likelier to get repeat bookings with her!  

Before you start reading, keep this one thing mind: practising client etiquette does not begin once you are “officially” a client, or when you have finally secured the booking. As soon as you call up the escort agency to enquire about their services, you must already begin observing client etiquette.  

Talk in a professional manner 

Here’s the thing: many callers are rejected for the simple reason that they sound like a college frat boy on the phone. For example, a polite enquiry would sound like this: “May I know how much your ladies charge for x activity/x number of hours?”

Rude clients would say, in that bawdy locker-room tone, “How much for a girl?” This implies that they’ve reduced Sydney escort girls into playthings and have no intention of showing them respect.  

Remember that you’re availing of a professional service. That can be hard to remember given the context and nature of the service, but if you’re man enough to consistently treat all women with respect, then you’re man enough to be a worthy client of a high-class escort. Don’t be a boorish boy; be a classy man.  

Be honest about what you’re looking for  

If you’re honest about what you want, you make the job of the escort agency receptionist easier. From their roster of escort girls in Sydney, she will be better able to match you with the one that can best provide the services you’re seeking.  

But beyond match-making efficiency at the booking stage, there’s a deeper value to honesty here – and it is something escort agencies can’t stress enough. Your escort will only be providing the services that were agreed upon at the booking stage. If you make any surprise requests on the day you see her, she has every right to walk away immediately.  

Doing so will show that you don’t respect her time, her body, and her job in general. You don’t want to be that guy. If you suddenly feel new desires springing up during your time together, reserve it for the next booking (there’s no rule against making plans for the next time you see each other!). 

Money first 

Make sure to get the payment out of the way first. If you’ve been with an independent in-call escort, you already know to set down the cash somewhere in her apartment, usually her bathroom sink. If you’re booking through an agency, this should be taken care of at the booking stage.  Professionalism, politeness, and honesty are what make you deserving of a high-class treatment. And if you look at it, these things are not even too much to ask! (Unfortunately, plenty of clients need reminding. If you’re not one of them, good for you!)  

During your time together, look as good as you behave 

Personal hygiene is everything 

This may sound like it should go without saying, but with the horror stories escorts share among one another, it’s clear that this should be reiterated again and again. Take some more extra time for personal care before you see your girl.  

Pick a good outfit, get a haircut and shave, shower thoroughly, put on deodorant and perfume – do whatever you must so you look, smell, and feel good when you’re with her. You’re seeing a nice lady, so be as gentleman as gentleman can be.  

Be fully prepared 

For outcall bookings, you will do well not to leave her wandering cluelessly at your rendezvous. Provide her with the necessary information in advance, such as where to park, which entrance to use, what name to drop at the reception, etc.  

As soon as she arrives, be a welcoming host, as you would with any other guest. Offer her a drink (sealed, because she will not drink from a glass as a safety measure.) Have lots of water ready, and maybe something to nibble on – this is great if your arrangement has a lot of intense physical activity.  

And don’t forget the essentials: condoms, lube, tissue, and towels.  

Value the time of escort girls

Whether you’re booking outcall or in-call services, time is always of the essence. If she’s coming to you, make sure you’re ready for her to arrive way before the agreed time. If you’re going to her, the same thing applies. You can count on her to be ready, as being on-time is second nature to high-class pleasure providers.  

Don’t rush; just be a genuine, natural human being

Don’t start at level 100 as soon as you see her for the first time – that kind of behaviour would turn anyone off. Take things slow; savour the buildup of sexual and romantic tension. Engage in conversation and be fully present with her not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. You’re free to talk about anything with her: if you want to get things out of your chest or simply want to think out loud, she’ll welcome your thoughts intimately.  

Build that connection with your provider. As soon as you do, one thing will naturally lead to another, and you’ll get what you’ve been waiting for eventually.  

Of course, tips and gifts are welcome! They’re not required, but it’s always the gesture, not the monetary value, that’s acknowledged and appreciated. Offering these may further strengthen that connection you will be establishing during your time together.  

When all is done let her know you had a great time 

Our ladies love to hear about how the time you guys spent together made you feel. This makes them feel inspired, motivated, and confident. And if you express what you feel, she’ll get a better picture of what she can do for you the next time around (if that’s happening.) Send her a short but well-written email to make her day.  

Ready to be the star client of our escort girls in Sydney 

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