Fact or Fiction with Select Sydney Escorts: Part 2

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

In our last post we looked at some common sex myths about and, er… exposed… the truth behind them. Now we’ve cleared up all the confusion surrounding blow jobs and the G spot, we have turned to our fabulous high class Sydney escorts to get their perspective on more of the most commonly asked sex questions. So buckle up boys, because this will be a wild ride!

1. Can you tell the size of a man’s penis by his hands / feet / nose / height?

While our Sydney escorts love getting intimate with men of all shapes and sizes, opinion is divided on this question. So, we did a little research and found that while tall men tend to more well-endowed on average, the length of a man’s hands, feet or nose have absolutely nothing to do with penis size.

2. Can women really have multiple orgasms?dark haired female masturbating

Yes…yes…yes! Our high class Sydney escorts unanimously agree that multiple orgasms are possible (and awesome), although many people seem to think this is a myth. In fact most women are capable of having multiple orgasms, although they might not realise it. Perhaps it just takes a little practice! The bad news is that men are unlikely to experience multiple orgasms because of the very sensitive ‘downtime’ that occurs after climax.

3. Is masturbation bad for your health?

You’ve all heard the stories – that masturbation will make you go blind or use up all of your sperm – but these are just stories. Our Sydney escorts claim that these nasty myths have deprived generations of men from the pleasure of getting themselves off! Recent studies show that masturbation (and specifically, regular orgasm) can actually be good for your health because it improves immune function and can help you live longer. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to use the bathroom!

4. Do men really think about sex every seven seconds?

This one is false. While men generally think about sex more often than women, it’s more like twice per hour. A lot of people also believe that women never think about sex – but this is also false! The girls at Select Sydney Escorts agree that they have sexual thoughts about once an hour on average. So if your special lady looks into space, she may well be playing out a dirty little fantasy.

redhead female touching herself having orgasm5. Can some women orgasm just by thinking about it?

This question definitely caused a stir here at Select Sydney Escorts. Statistics show that up to 10 percent of women can reach orgasm with no physical contact. So how do they do it? In recent studies, scientists have, er, helped women to climax by using pornography, dirty talk, or relaxing imagery such as walking along the beach. While none of our ladies can lay claim to this very special skill, they all promised to go home and start practicing straight away!

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