Fetish and Fantasy

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

By Arabella Fox

arabella in leather corsett & fishnet stockingsOne of the things I love about my job as a high class Sydney escort is meeting so many interesting people. Some of the girls I work with have become close friends – you get to know each other pretty quickly after a few double bookings spent rubbing oil into each other’s breasts 😉 – and I have a lot of fun with most of my regular clients. As long as we all treat each other with respect, everyone stays happy!

Any high class escort will tell you that there is a whole world of weird and wonderful sexual kinks out there. We escorts become pretty open minded about it all after a while! But I guess not all women are so open minded… in fact many of my clients are married men who feel too embarrassed or ashamed to tell their wives what really turns them on.

If you have a particular fetish or fantasy you want to explore, booking a high class escort is a great way to do it. It gives you a safe, discreet, non-judgmental place to play… and a hot, sexy, fun-loving playmate!

In my years as a high class Sydney escort, I have played out heaps of different fetishes and fantasies. Here are a few of my favourites (names have been changed):


  • Will gets me to dress up in a sexy maid’s outfit complete with stockings, suspenders, and plenty of cleavage. I pretend to clean with a feather duster, bending over in front of him with no panties on. I then call him a dirty boy and start ‘cleaning’ him, while unbuttoning my blouse and pushing my breasts in his face… Pretty soon this naughty French maid is having hot, loud sex with her ‘master’.


  • Steve literally worships my ass (and I can’t blame him, it is a fine ass if I do say so myself!). He likes me to wear see-through underwear, which I peel off while bending over in front of him… he then masturbates while stroking and kissing my butt.


  • James really gets off on sucking my toes – sometimes we have sex afterwards, sometimes not!


  • Zack always asks me to bring silk scarves. I gently tie his hands to the bed, blindfold him, then drive him wild by sliding my body over his, making sure he can feel my breasts on his skin. We always finish off with a blowjob –the sensations are magnified when he can’t see what’s happening!


  • Bob is a very masculine guy, a builder. He likes to get me naked and take me doggy style. He is completely naked too…except for a pair of high heels!

Whatever your fetish or fantasy may be, it’s all good… within reason! A high class Sydney escort like myself can help you explore your desires, as long as it’s safe for both of us of course.

Until next time,

Arabella xx

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