10 Kinky Things That Go On at a Fetish Brothel in Sydney

Posted on Oct 11, 2019

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Sexual appetite can control your whole body once the feeling gets the better of you. Because everyone has a unique sexual taste, a fetish brothel in Sydney provides a service for each preference. The atmosphere is usually humorous and light-hearted.

A brothel is probably the only place you can find a sex partner, nurse, psychologist, actress, massage therapist, and a police officer – all in one. You could be lucky enough to find a jockey! From foot examination to bicep biting, you can fulfill any kinky fantasy you have ever imagined.

Come with your strangest sexual craving, and you’ll have it satisfied. Since you will be visiting a legal brothel, expect a full-service experience. Different hot girls mean that various experiences are on offer. Would you like to try one of these fetishes?


Have you ever tried watching other people in sexual situations? We are not talking about movies but realistic scenarios. Voyeurism is the kind of pleasure you derive from seeing others engage in intimate activities. You can also be a peeping Tom. At least this is allowed at a fetish brothel in Sydney. You will not be breaking any code.

Did you know that most people enjoy porn as it appeals to their sexual desires? Seeing people in sexual encounters can be a huge turn on. The most common scenario is witnessing a guy with multiple female partners. Another big fantasy is a girl on girl action. Many straight men love to gaze at two women making out.

Note that the partners involved in sexual activity will not be aware that you are watching them. Call it snooping. On the other hand, you might fancy the idea of others watching you in the act. This is still possible in a brothel. Which one do you prefer?


The act of dressing up to humanise a particular character is known as dollification. Do you need a woman to put on a special costume so they can resemble your best fictional character? Then you need to hire a Sydney escort.

Dollification lets you see a woman turn into a sex doll. The new character assumes no feelings, reciprocating contact, or senses. This means you can do whatever you please with the ‘doll’. Isn’t that enticing?


BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) is the sexual act of tying, restricting, and binding. Domination goes hand in hand with submission. Luckily, through the story and movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ the concept was brought to light. Not so many people practised it until recently whereby it has gained popularity.

Sadism involves inflicting pain on someone while masochism is the process of receiving the pain. For two people to enjoy BDSM, they must be guided by trust and consent. It is not all about violence. You can still enjoy a BDSM fetish without going to the extreme end.

Erotic Spanking

As part of sadomasochism, spanking is a fascination for many people. It is the act of stimulating the bottom by smacking with a palm. Well, there’s something refreshing about hitting butts.  

You would be lying to yourself if you said you don’t like a good spanking – at the right time of course. All you need is a flat hand and a willingness to explore the world of kink. It is more like being dropped into a cold bath and then falling into a warm towel. It may be unpleasant at first but the overall experience is quite soothing.

Foot fetish

Also referred to as podophilia, this is a sensual interest that focuses on feet. How would you like it if a girl got you sexually aroused by playing with your feet? The activity ranges from licking of the toes, painting toenails, kissing and smelling the sole.

Enjoying podophilia means you can also be turned on by someone’s feet. The kink has some element of humiliation and domination. Humiliation comes in when an escort places your feet on their face. You might feel a little insecure about the smell of your feet, especially when you’ve been walking all day long. With foot fetish, it is up to you to choose what you enjoy the most.


Your sex life needs to be more fulfilling, promising ecstasy beyond your imagination. Do you have a characteristic of the opposite gender that you identify with? Do you like taking a feminine or masculine role? Try gender-swapping at a fetish brothel in Sydney. Sticking to your traditional gender role might be less comfortable in bed.

Even if you are naturally dominant, you might still have a lot of enjoyment with a woman on top. You might be more intrigued by a lady who assumes a masculine role. As you enter a brothel, expect a bevy of young seductresses who don’t need to wait for you to make a move. Once you choose your perfect match, go ahead and enjoy escapades of sex change.

Adult Baby Fetish

If you want to engage in this form of fetish, get ready to assume the role of an infant. The activity is officially known as paraphilic infantilism. You have to physically demonstrate an infant-style dependency. It is like you are regressing back to being a baby. So, you want to be cared for and fed from a bottle (breast in this case).

Note that the roleplay involves two adults. No one shows any paedophilic desires. The driving force for adult baby fetish is psychological satisfaction. Orgasmic release or physical satisfaction comes second. Knowing that you are not chasing an orgasm helps you to enjoy paraphilic infantilism even better.


Do you enjoy it when a woman pinches or squeezes some of your erotic body parts? You might want to try sexual compression by attending a fetish brothel in Sydney. If you like, a woman can use such tools as tweezers and pegs on you.


Introducing sweet condiments is always a sweet move during a girlfriend experience. For the love of sensuality, you can have honey, whipped cream, chocolates, strawberry cheesecake, or caramel sauce. They are particularly great after a delicious meal or when you are in a hot tub.


Do you fantasise about hair? It could be head hair, pubic hair, or anywhere on the body. Trichophilia is all about allowing your partner to seduce you with their hair.  In haircut fetishism, you cut your partner’s hair, or they do the same to you. Alternatively, you may watch someone getting a shave.

Visit a Fetish Brothel in Sydney To Satisfy Your Desires 

Every person has some sexual fantasies they wish to fulfill while they still have the drive. Perhaps in your entire life, you have never experienced an erotic response from objects or non-genital body parts. You will find plenty of fixations at the best fetish brothel in Sydney. Some of the above fetishes may be familiar to you, but for some reason, you haven’t completely explored them.

No matter your personal taste, there is a woman who likes the same fetishes as you. Whether it is kissing the toes or getting a haircut, it might be something you want to try. Remember that the brothel adheres to strict health rules, and no one is allowed to break the law. Brothel workers are also tested for STDs on a regular basis.

Have fun. Hope to see you soon!

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