Fifty Shades of Grey Experience

Posted on May 23, 2014

By Arabella Fox

Everyone is familiar with the Fifty Shades of Grey story by now – powerful executive meets young virginal college student, they fall hopelessly in lust, and embark on a kinky BDSM sex-fest.

You might be surprised (or maybe not!) to learn that I recently experienced my own version of this story. It was not quite the same of course – he was a paying client, and there is definitely nothing virginal about me 😉 but it was one of the more memorable bookings I’ve had as a Sydney escort.

The reception girls warned me what to expect with this particular client so I was fully prepared for the booking: innocent white lingerie, check; slave mindset, check; sense of adventure, check!

Arabella naked in handcuffsI arrived at his penthouse apartment to find a young, attractive man wearing a very expensive-looking suit. First up he explained the rules. I was not to look at him or speak without being spoken to. I was to address him as ‘master’. We discussed my limits, which were pretty flexible – I guess this is why he booked me as his Sydney escort 😉 However, I drew the line at serious pain or anything that would leave a mark.

Once we got those pleasantries out of the way, he took me to the bedroom.

There was a four-poster bed, a bench, and a huge variety of toys, paddles, masks and whips hanging from the wall. I must admit even I was a little bit nervous! I’ve had clients spank me before but this was a whole different ballpark.

He ordered me to strip naked and kneel over the bench. I felt something light against my buttocks and upper thighs and realised he was tickling me with a feather brush. I could feel myself getting wet, as I was desperate for him to touch me.

Next I felt something a little harder – a light spank with a paddle on my arse. He told me I was a naughty girl and that I needed punishing and then he did it again and again, harder this time. It was painful but pleasurable as well – I never knew when the next blow was going to land!

This went on for quite a while until he stopped and told me to lie on the bed. Being a good slave I didn’t look at him, but I could hear him panting with exertion and desire and I could see his erection out of the corner of my eye!

He used silk scarves to blindfold me and tie my hands to the bedposts. He then put that feather brush to use again, this time all over the front of my body until I was almost screaming with pleasure.

When I was right on the edge, I suddenly felt his weight on top of me. As he drove himself deep into me we both reached a mind-blowing climax. It was fifty shades of fun for this naughty Sydney escort!

Love Arabella xx
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