How to Become an Independent Escort’s Favourite Client

Posted on Nov 26, 2021

Independent Escorts

Independent Escorts Have Favourites

One thing you should know about independent escorts in Sydney is that each one has her favourites. No two clients are the same. Those who are exceptionally naughty – and not in a good way – will find their names on the blocklist almost as soon as the encounter is over. But those who behave exceptionally great – in all the ways, inside and outside the bedroom  – constantly enjoy the time of their lives, every single time they are with the lady they choose.  

Escorts Favourite Client

Being an independent escort’s favourite client does not just happen, not even if you are basically prince charming. That title has to be worked hard for. It has to be earned. There is plenty of effort involved, and as long as you put in the work, you are in for the ride of your life!  

Plenty of men do well enough during the date and the sexy time, but that is also where they are missing out. They do alright, but they just didn’t know that they could do even better. Fortunately for you, if you are reading this, you get a better start than everybody else.  

Want to become an independent escort’s favourite client? Well, of course, you do! Follow these helpful tips.   

Mind your tone 

One of an escort’s superpowers is reading between the lines. If you think about it, all women have this superpower. Women are able to channel their intuition into everything they do, especially when talking to men.  

Before you meet an escort, even way before you make an actual booking, most likely you will be talking to her in a digital space. She might have a website or her own page on a directory. And you are expected to ask your questions through email. When you are messaging each other back and forth, always be mindful of your tone.  

If you make yourself sound like you are enquiring about a product – which is the complete opposite of what she is offering – she’s going to pick up the impression that you do not take her services seriously. Why would she waste her time on a person like that, right? Email her the way you would your business partners because really, that’s what everyone is around here – professionals.  

The same goes for when you’re on the phone with her. If you sound crass, disgusting, or just plain disrespectful, she is going to drop you. She might not even call you out on it – she’ll hang up and go.  

What do favourite clients do? Clients that she will tag as her favourites are those who are clearly respectful of her profession. Because escorts deal with way too many disrespectful ones on a daily basis, the good guys stick out like a sore thumb.  

To Impress an Independent Escort Go the Extra Mile

If you take a step back for a moment and really look at what you two are in for in this situation, it’s really not as complicated as it should be. She’s a lady, and you’re a gentleman. How would a nice gentleman act during a date? Or during a hot and steamy lovemaking sesh?  

If you could already picture out the answer, you are just the gentleman that’s soon going to be an independent escort’s favourite. Going the extra mile looks like this: taking care of reservations in advance, ordering the best wine on the shelf, getting her a nice gift, making sure your room is set up for a passionate mood. It’s also going to reflect on you: how you groom and dress for her, for example, will say a lot about you. 

If she really likes you and is comfortable enough with you, she might even agree to go on something like a weekend trip with you. Touring around Sydney with an independent escort by your side? Now that’s a perfect trip!  

Favourite Clients are Adventurous 

There’s nothing more attractive than a man who’s willing to explore his sexuality. Men may love and basically live for sex. But let’s just let the truth come to the surface here: most (not all!) men are hardwired into their “get in, get off, get out” system. Sure, the common remedy for this is to make sexual encounters last as long as possible. But is that really all there is to it?  

Independent escorts in Sydney work hard to be great at what they do, so if they find someone who is willing to be just as adventurous as they are willing to be, it would be a match made in heaven in her eyes.  

Instead of the usual, why not try something new? Roleplay? Anal play? Actual pegging? Letting her be your dom.  If you are willing to try out something new with her, the excitement you will both feel will just make her grow oh so fond of you. 

Pay Up (and tip!) 

Professionals deserve the (monetary) credit that’s due them. There’s no better way to show your appreciation than to also be professional in the payment side of things. These ladies know exactly what they are worth. Independent escorts in Sydney are beautiful, charming, intelligent, empathetic, and most of all, literal goddesses in bed. They are a work of art, and you wouldn’t have sought them out if you didn’t know that, too, right?  

That’s why you should be able to take care of the payment, following the exact arrangement you two had made. Tips are always welcome – more than the actual value of your paper, tipping is all about the gesture. If you had a great time, why wouldn’t you show her that you did, right?  

An escort knows she’s being appreciated for the work that she does when this part of the booking is taken seriously. That means that the client wants to make sure that she doesn’t have to worry and that nothing will get in the way of the time you two will be spending together.  

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