How I Feel About Married Clients

Posted on Oct 1, 2014

blonde in lingerie walking towards man on chair By Arabella Fox

I keep very quiet about my work as a high class Sydney escort, and in fact my family and many close friends still don’t know what I do ‘after hours’. However, it’s inevitable that the truth slips out from time to time 😉 Men and women have very different reactions when they find out that I am a Sydney escort. While guys will either get intimidated or start acting sleazy, a woman’s first question is always ‘but don’t you feel guilty?’.

Of course, I can understand where they are coming from. A large percentage of my clients have a wife or long-term partner at home, so in some ways I suppose I am ‘the other woman’.

There is one very big difference between a mistress and a high class Sydney escort, however. A woman having an affair with someone else’s husband is, nine times out of ten, emotionally invested in the relationship. The typical scenario is that she falls in love with the man and puts pressure on him to leave his wife.

For an escort, it’s a completely different story. We are service providers, not unlike a mechanic or a dentist! We offer sex and intimacy for a price. I can say with confidence that all the girls at Select are all consummate professionals; we never let our own feelings come into it. Although some clients fantasise about falling in love and whisking us away from this profession, the fact is that we love what we do, and we’re very good at it.

Women who have been cheated on in the past are always against me – everyone hates the escort. I can understand this, but the fact is that men are genetically programmed to seek out sex and if they’re not getting it at home, they usually look elsewhere. Actually, if you’re not interested in sex, women like me are doing you a favour! At least it’s just pure sex – he’s not having an affair with your best friend!

I can usually pick whether a client is married straight away, just by the way he acts. In my experience men cheat for a whole range of reasons. Some genuinely lack intimacy at home, while others just love the thrill of wondering whether they’ll get caught.

No matter the situation, infidelity always makes me sad. I believe in the whole fairytale and hope to get married myself some day, if I can ever find a man who can handle my voracious sexual appetites! But just because I believe in monogamy doesn’t mean that I judge every married man who walks through my door, or beat myself up about having sex with these clients.

So the short answer to the question of whether I feel guilty is ‘no’… not because I’m a home-wrecking, woman-hating vixen, but because I don’t consider my clients’ private affairs to be any of my business. I am just doing my job 😉

Arabella xx
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