How to Have a Sexy Easter

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

By Arabella Fox

While Easter is right around the corner, you’re probably wondering why I am writing about this particular holiday on a blog dedicated to the hottest female escorts in Sydney. Easter is just for the religious or very young, right?


In my years of working as a high class Sydney escort I have found that Easter can be an incredibly sexy time of year for adult entertainment… you just need to view all those bunny ears and chocolate eggs from a slightly different perspective 😉

So if you’re at a loose end this Easter long weekend, instead of settling in for a marathon Netflix session, take a leaf out of your friend Arabella’s book and organise a smoking hot Sydney outcall service with one of the hottest female escorts in town!

Here are my top tips to sizzling up your sex life this Easter:

1. Melt Those Easter Eggs

OK I admit there is nothing very sexy about plain old Easter eggs – although they do say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. However, to get the kind of bedroom high jinks I like to deliver in every Sydney escort booking, you need to apply a little heat.

That’s right, boys, it’s time to unwrap those eggs the Easter Bunny brought for you, dump them in a saucepan and gently heat until the chocolate melts into a silky warm liquid. Next, take one super hot Sydney escort clad in lacy lingerie, lie her down on your bed and drizzle the chocolate over her stomach, thighs, and décolletage. Now you get to lick it right off her hot body, paying extra attention to those inner thighs… you may even want to remove her panties and continue your tongue workout a little higher up! I’m sure she will reward you loudly for your efforts 😉

After you enjoy devouring your sexy companion, why not allow her to return the favour? Just think of the silky magic she’ll work on your erect penis. Ooh la la!

easter bunny escort in pink corset2. Say Hello to the Easter Bunny

Although dressing up is often thought of as a kids’ game, there are a few very adult twists you can add to guarantee the hottest sex in Sydney this Easter. I’m talking less Easter Bunny and more Playboy Bunny 😉

Just visualize for a moment a beautiful blonde escort arriving at your door clad in super high stilettos, fishnet stockings and suspenders, lacy panties, a sexy corset cinching her waist and allowing her full cleavage to spill out the top, and long black silk gloves. Her tousled hair will be crowned with a pair of bunny ears, and her luscious red lips will smile cheekily as she walks towards you… now who said Easter was a boring holiday? It’s guaranteed to be a LOT of fun with our ladies!

Until next time,
Arabella xx
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