Joining the Mile High Club

Posted on Nov 22, 2014

By Arabella Fox

Hello boys and welcome to another saucy tale from my personal archive! This time I’ll be telling you about one of my more memorable airline experiences – so buckle your seatbelts and prepare for take off because this is going to be a turbulent ride 😉Arabella with sexy man holding her

A few months ago I was heading off to LA with a couple of girlfriends for a week of shopping, partying and beach time. We splashed out on first class seats because a girl’s gotta travel in style, after all! I was onto my second flute of French champagne and happily chatting away when I noticed a strapping pair of shoulders teamed with a designer ponytail and a very expensive-looking linen shirt sitting a few aisles in front of me. I couldn’t see his face, but as he reached up to take a whisky from the hostess I saw he had beautiful strong hands… and as he thanked her, I was instantly turned on by his sexy gravely voice, which sounded strangely familiar.

I couldn’t resist and had to get a closer look. I stood up and slipped my stilettos on before strutting past him down the aisle on the pretext of asking the hostess for more champagne. I could feel the mysterious man watching me and as I turned to go back to my seat, our eyes locked. I gasped inwardly as I realised why his voice had sounded familiar. It was …………. Well I swore I wouldn’t reveal his name but I can tell you that he is a bona fide movie star, a mega star in fact, who I had always thought was a serious hottie.

Now as you know, I am the kind of lady who doesn’t think twice when an opportunity comes my way… I grab it (or him) with both hands! I walked up to him and said, all sultry ‘Hi, I’m Arabella, I’ve seen all your work and I’m a big fan’. He took my hand and pulled me a little closer. ‘Hi Arabella’ he murmured, ‘I’ve only just seen you for the first time but I’m already a big fan of yours as well’. I put my lips close to his ear and breathed ‘well I was just about to go to the bathroom… and I’d love to get to know you a little better’.

With that I carried on down the aisle, winking at my girlfriends as I passed. Luckily the bathroom was unoccupied. I bent down just in front of the door and pretended to fix the strap of my shoe… until I felt a hot and obviously hard pelvis pushed against my pert derriere. It was him. I stood up and quickly checked over his shoulder – both stewardesses were busy and nobody was looking, so we quickly bundled into the bathroom and locked the door.

Let me tell you, what followed next was hot, steamy and totally X-rated – I felt like I was starring in one of his movies! We tore at each other’s clothes in frenzy, while he kissed me passionately and groped at my curves with his big strong hands. He pushed me up against the bench and I wrapped my legs around him, gasping as he thrust his huge girth inside me. We had fast, torrid sex and afterwards he slipped me his card. ‘Call me in LA’ he said ‘if you get lonely’. With that he ducked out of the bathroom and left me to collect myself before I sauntered back to my friends with a wicked grin on my face. Of course I did call him in LA… but that’s a story for another time 😉
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