Meet Your Dream Girlfriend

Posted on Jan 29, 2014

Hello boys and welcome to another titillating tale of my adventures between the sheets! Today I want to tell you all about what it’s like to provide the girlfriend experience from a high class escort’s perspective, as I am sure it’s something many of you are interested in. If you haven’t tried it before, you’re in for a real treat!

I’ve had a few favourite regular clients in my years as a high class escort in Sydney. One of these was a lovely banker called Henry. He worked very hard, only slept for a few hours each night, and had a lot of stress in his life… He didn’t get along with his wife and I think the main thing he liked about me – apart from my more obvious assets 😉 – was that I listened to his problems and nurtured him. I guess we all need someone to talk to and if it’s a gorgeous high class escort who can give you affection AND incredible blowjobs, even better!

Henry and I would always meet in a top Sydney restaurant. I would wear a figure-hugging dress and super high heels, and he loved the fact that other men were jealous of his ‘girlfriend’. We would have dinner and chat about his life, while making deep eye contact and often touching each other on the hand or arm.

After dinner, Henry would take me to a nice hotel. Before long we would be kissing and making out on the bed, still fully clothed…I could feel him getting hard as he ran his hands over my breasts and up under my dress, stroking me gently.

I would push Henry down on the bed, stand up and slowly strip for him, feeling his eyes devour my curves… then I would unzip his fly and give him a blowjob to remember, just like a good girlfriend 😉sexy blonde arabella fox

Henry liked to finish in the missionary position, kissing me and gazing into my eyes as he came. The whole experience was more caring and natural than a regular high class escort booking. We always cuddled and talked softly afterwards, and sometimes Henry would pay for me to spend the whole night with him.

The sad thing about this story is that Henry is no longer a client of mine. We saw each other regularly for about a year but towards the end he started to get very attached, calling at all hours to chat and wanting to see me… this is the one danger with booking a girlfriend experience escort. Sometimes clients forget that I am in fact a high class escort and not their real-life girlfriend… I have had clients fall in love with me before!

Having said that, if you can enjoy the booking for what it is, a girlfriend experience escort can provide you with all the affection and comfort that you crave, while treating you to mind-blowing sex!

Until next time,

Arabella xx
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