My Naughty Valentine’s Day: Part 1

Posted on Feb 21, 2016

arabella fox telling valentines storiesBy Arabella Fox

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with romance and of course plenty of red-hot sex with your favourite playmate in Sydney! All I can say is that Valentine’s Day can get verrry busy for a hot Sydney escort like moi 😉

My Valentine’s Day 2016 has been quite the adventure, starting off with a personal training session at 6am in the park near my house. I have a bit of a thing going with my trainer Tom, and I drove him wild this morning by wearing tiny hotpants and a low cut tank revealing my busty cleavage… I’m pretty sure he started salivating as soon as I arrived! We went for a warm-up run into the wooded area of the park. I was getting hot, sweaty and horny so stopped to give him a cheeky wink and ask if he was ready for a real workout… before stretching into a downward dog, giving him a great view of my tight butt. Poor Tom couldn’t resist! I felt his hands grab my hips and slip between my legs, and before long he had my pants around my ankles and took me hard and fast from behind. Luckily there were no passersby, and we both reached an incredibly satisfying orgasm. Great workout indeed 😉

I jogged home for a shower, lathering soap over my full breasts, toned stomach, and shapely legs, before toweling off, throwing on a sundress and heels and heading out to my favourite café in Potts Point for a breakfast date with a businessman friend visiting town. Afterwards he invited me to check out his Penthouse Suite. It was enormous and super stylish, with views right across the Harbour towards the Opera House. As I gazed out the window he came up behind me, kissed my neck and moaned ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’. I slowly turned and smiled before dropping to my knees, unzipping his trousers and taking him into my mouth for a luscious blowjob, bringing him to a powerful climax.

Time for a rest! I had over 30 texts and calls from different admirers and had a fast and furious few hours at home trying to catch up and make sure I didn’t send the wrong message to the wrong guy – sometimes it’s tough being one of the hottest escorts in Sydney 😉

I had a beach date in the afternoon with a Latino lover of mine, Rodrigo. I was a very naughty girl today, teasing him by wearing a tiny g-string bikini, which barely covered my nipples. I took my time massaging suntan lotion all over my huge breasts, and finally removed my bikini top altogether for some topless sunbathing. Rodrigo was sitting directly below me and knowing he could see everything, I sat up, slowly parted my legs and pulled my swimsuit to one side, stroking myself with a finger… we were both getting very turned on but at that moment another couple walked by and I quickly closed my legs and jumped up for a swim to cool off. I left poor Rodrigo hanging today, but we have another date next week and I will be rewarding him handsomely for his patience! What a lucky guy 😉

By this time it was 5pm and time to get ready for my evening’s activities… which I will tell you all about next time 😉 Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day with love,

Arabella xxx
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