New Year’s Resolution: Have More Sex!

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

Arabella Fox sexy blonde escort blog writerBy Arabella Fox

Happy New Year to all my dear readers… I hope 2014 brings you lots of joy, success and great sex 😉 Most of you will have made some resolutions for the New Year – maybe to lose weight, quit smoking, or get that promotion. In my opinion, one resolution that should really be at the top of everybody’s list is to have more sex!

Now I know you’re probably thinking that I am only saying that because I’m in the business as a Sydney escort (and also a bit of a sex maniac) but hear me out! Scientific research proves that getting hot and heavy with your special lady (or a sexy Sydney escort) is very good for you.

These are the top 5 health benefits of regular sex:

1. Pain Relief

Next time your girlfriend says ‘not tonight babe, I’ve got a headache’ you can inform her that a roll in the hay will actually make her feel better! Sex releases pain-reducing hormones that can also get rid of back or leg pain, migraines and arthritis. So next time she asks for an aspirin, give her an orgasm instead 😉

2. Better Sleep

Have you ever noticed that after a mind-blowing orgasm, you tend to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply? My clients practically pass out after an hour between the sheets with me! This is because sex releases the relaxation hormone prolactin. And also because my sexual prowess can be a little overwhelming 😉

3. Get Fit and Toned

Forget going to spin class – half an hour of passionate lovemaking can burn up to 150 calories! That’s equivalent to other forms of exercise like walking, dancing or yoga. Sex is also great for toning and strengthening the muscles (and no, I’m not just talking about your love muscle). Of course, the more vigorous you are, the more energy you’ll burn… so gym bunnies might like to get creative with some acrobatic positions.

4. Reduce Stress

If you’re feeling down, tired or stressed, a sexy session with your other half or a Sydney escort could be just what the doctor ordered! Sex releases the feel-good hormones oxytocin and endorphins, which will boost your mood and relieve stress.  So if you want to feel on top of the world, I recommend that you get on top of a stunning Sydney escort first!

5. Live Longer

Another wonder hormone released when you orgasm is DHEA, which can repair tissue, improve brain function, and boost your immune system. This means that people who orgasm at least twice a week can actually live a longer life (and thus enjoy more orgasms!) DHEA also gives you healthier skin. Maybe this explains why people always tell me I look ‘glowing’ 😉

As you can see, having regular sex – whether it’s with your partner, a friendly stranger or a gorgeous Sydney escort – is very important for your overall health, not to mention a whole lot of fun!

Arabella xx
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