Number Games: Casual Sex, Shame and the Female Body

Posted on Jan 17, 2016

Do you ever find yourself wondering what her number is? Not the phone digit kind – the number of sexual partners she’s had. Join us as we explore women’s sexuality and why it’s often suppressed by men and women alike.

Myth: Women Don’t Like Casual Sex

BUSTED! Of course, not all women enjoy casual sex and multiple partners over their life, but to generalise and assume that all women want committed relationships all of the time is a stereotype that just isn’t true. Woman are just as capable of no-strings sex as men are – it’s all about communication. If you both have a clear understanding from the outset that the relationship is purely physical, no one will start fantasising about aisles and last names.

What Is Normal?

Several studies carried out in recent years point to an average number of sexual partners ranging from 8 to 11, depending on which study you are reading. Of course, the word ‘average’ is actually quite unhelpful in this context – there could be thousands of people who have only had 1-2 partners and thousands who have had 20+. But as a general guide, let’s accept that many people have somewhere in the realm of 8-11 sexual partners throughout their life.

Does It Matter?

Now there’s an understanding of what could be considered ‘normal’. But are there any particular benefits to having more or less partners than the standard?

More Partners

People who have had more partners have had more experience – that may shine through in their openness to experiences, their technique or their comfort level. They may also be able to introduce you to new things, and if you’re into it, they might also have some fun stories to share!

The thing is, though, that many people (women in particular) are met with disapproval, harassment and prejudice based on their decision to have sex with more people. So why are women with fewer partners seen to be the ideal?

blonde escort in black lace lingerieFewer Partners

The main benefit of your new partner having fewer past partners is there is less risk of them having STIs – even using barrier methods, it is still possible to transmit infections. Aside from that, most of the perceived benefits revolve around ‘purity’ and ‘tightness’. Both of these are unrelated or unimportant constructs created by men to limit women’s sexuality and control their desires.

Tightness, for example, has nothing to do with the amount of sex a person has; it has much more to do with muscles and bone structure in the pelvic region.

And when it comes to purity, remember: a person’s value has no correlation to the number of partners they’ve had. If you’ve ever found yourself attaching labels like ‘slut’ to women, ask yourself why women enjoying sex is threatening or negative to you, and how their personal choices impact your life.

So before you think about throwing around words that could be hurtful, keep this in mind: if women were all limited to having sex in committed relationships, there would be no one available for your casual encounters. If you’re ready to experience the charm of beautiful, experienced women, browse our gallery and contact us today to book your date with one of our stunning Sydney escorts!
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